2020 hopeful Amy Klobuchar complains about low unemployment under Trump

Democrats are now apparently taking a different approach to attack President Donald Trump.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who recently announced her presidential candidacy, says her state’s unemployment rate is down to a minuscule 2.8 percent — and that is apparently a problem.

“We need workers,” the Minnesota senator told Bret Baier on Tuesday. “I think we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and I look at this is not just a moral issue. I actually look at it as an economic issue. When you look at, in my state, we need workers for some of the jobs, especially in rural areas. We have a 2.8 percent unemployment rate.”

Trickle-Down Effect

Sadly, most people either are not interested enough or simply do not care enough to understand how important it is to control illegal immigration.

It impacts so many aspects of our society — including unemployment and wages.

We all know about crime, human trafficking, and drugs, but illegal immigration’s impact on unemployment is often overlooked.

When Trump was campaigning, one of the reasons he wanted to crack down on illegal immigration was to force American companies to hire citizens and legal immigrants eligible for employment. With less undocumented immigrants to work under the table, companies would have no choice but to raise wages and hire Americans.

That includes companies in Klobuchar’s home state of Minnesota.

Two years after Trump first took office, the state has declined from a 3.9 percent unemployment to a 2.8 percent unemployment rate.

The lower that number gets, the more companies will have to pay workers to lure them into the workplace. That’s why Minnesotans have seen a more than 5 percent wage increase.

But Klobuchar is apparently not happy about that.

Higher Wages, More Taxes

Despite the 2020 hopeful’s negative words, this was all part of Trump’s plan when he was running for president.

With more people back to work, more Americans are paying taxes. These individuals are also spending more money, creating more profitable businesses and a better economy.

All this happened simply by cracking down on illegal immigration.

Indeed, no true American is against immigration altogether — we just want it to be done by the rule of law. Get in line, do it the right way, and there is a future for you here in this country.

But regulating immigration doesn’t just keep us safe: it also helps the U.S. prosper economically.

With regulations, we are able to admit low-skilled workers when we need them while offering merit-based immigration for skilled positions that cannot be filled. This encourages Americans to go to college and get an education.

It also encourages promoting from within, as companies will have a stronger, more educated worker pool to choose from.

This is how you make your country stronger and better — not by opening up the floodgates and granting amnesty to millions of people that circumvented the law to enter this country. But try telling that to Klobuchar and her fellow Dems.

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