Poll shows Americans want citizenship question on census

Prior to the census being sent out, President Donald Trump said that he he wanted a question on there to determine the citizenship status of everyone in the household.

Democrats have fought the measure tooth and nail and to this point, have won the battle, apparently against the wishes of most Americans.

Represent the People

The duty of every elected representative in this country, from the city council member to the president of the United States, is to represent the people that voted them into office.

We don’t ask for leaders in this country, we ask for representation. Right now, our government is fighting against the people, though, rather than for the people.

According to the latest Economist/YouGov poll, 53% of Americans want that question on the next census.

Only 32 percent are against the question and 14% remain undecided. That 53% represents the majority of American citizens, so the question should be added, only it is not that easy.

About the Power

The fact of the matter is Democrats need Americans to need them to stay in power. This is why someone like Bernie Sanders wants to tax you more so he can make you more reliant on government programs to live.

In this case, Democrats don’t want that question on the census because they know it will impact district lines.

Without that question, illegals will actually end up being represented in our government, something that simply should not be allowed.

There are believed to be roughly 11 million illegal residents in this country right now, but that number is likely three times that amount.

Which states will likely benefit the most from blocking the question? In all likelihood, it will be liberal strongholds like New York and California.

Additionally, some red states will be able to be turned blue, as illegals largely seek refuge in sanctuary cities that offer them protection against ICE. If America was a corporation, this would be called a hostile takeover.

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