Poll: 2 in 3 Americans unfamiliar with Durham investigation

Former President Donald Trump and many key allies expressed hope that special counsel John Durham would come through on delivering a bombshell report prior to November’s election that exposed wrongdoing by federal investigators in the Russian collusion probe stemming from Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Not only did that report not come to fruition, but a new study also revealed that about two in three Americans have no idea what the Durham investigation is or what it might mean for former Obama administration officials.

Details from the survey

The Washington Times published the results of the survey, which featured insight into what Americans know — or do not know — about the probe aimed at exposing the roots of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Among the 33% of respondents who indicated that they were aware of the Durham investigation, 45% identified as conservatives, 30% as liberals, and 26% as moderates.

Of the same group, 83% signaled that they believe former President Barack Obama’s White House was aware of the so-called Operation Hurricane or believed the administration had an influence on it prior to the 2016 election.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a full 94% of conservatives in the group fall into that category. It is worth noting that 64% of self-identified liberals also believe the Obama administration played a role.

While Obama-era officials and mainstream media outlets largely dismissed claims that the White House spied on the Trump campaign, it appears a significant number of Americans believe such assertions could be true.

“Will there ever be a Durham report?”

Of course, Durham’s investigation is now entering its third year with very little progress to show for it.

Thus far, the probe has resulted in just a single indictment, which revolved around a guilty plea from a former FBI agent who admitted to altering information in an email subsequently used to justify surveillance of then-Trump aide Carter Page.

Trump himself has not forgotten about the investigation, as he made clear in a recent statement.

“Where’s Durham?” he asked. “Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?”

Given the evidence that a large majority of the county is altogether unfamiliar with the probe, such pointed questions are not unreasonable to ask. For those who want to see a robust report, however, there is still hope that Durham will surprise them.

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