New poll shows more than two-thirds of Americans oppose court-packing

As president, Donald Trump got the chance to appoint three new justices to the Supreme Court bench, effectively solidifying the high court’s ideological tilt for years to come. But now that Democrats have control of the White House, they’re trying everything they can to undo the progress Trump made — even if it means adding new spots on the bench so President Joe Biden can fill them with liberal jurists.

It’s an idea known as “court-packing” — but if Dems were hoping the American people would support them in their efforts to pack the Supreme Court, they were no doubt blindsided by the results of a new poll.

Breaking down the numbers

First reported by Breitbart, the poll, conducted April 15-19 by the Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy firm, surveyed 1,100 registered voters, 38% of whom were Democrats, 35% of whom were Republicans, and 27% of whom were independents or members of another party.

Asked whether they were familiar with the issue of court-packing, nearly 80% of respondents said yes, despite efforts by Democrats to tamp down on such talk.

On whether they supported the idea, voters also seemed to largely be in agreement. Sixty-eight percent of respondents overall said they opposed court-packing, while 27% were in favor. Five percent were undecided.

Pollsters also asked specifically about an ongoing effort by congressional Democrats to add four seats to the Supreme Court bench, raising the total of justices to 13. Broken down by party, 95% of Republicans said they opposed the idea, as did a third of Democrats.

Perhaps more telling: 72% of independent voters said they’re against the court-packing proposal, as Breitbart noted.

Asked whether they’d back the idea of Trump were still president, 76% of Republicans and 83% of independents held steady in their opposition. Democrats, on the other hand, seemed to flip their tune; 90% of Democrat respondents were opposed to court-packing by Trump, 57 percentage points more than said the same of Biden.

“A brazen power-play”

The nonpartisan poll was commissioned on behalf of the First Liberty Institute, a law firm dedicated to protecting religious liberty and freedom for Americans.

“Court-packing is a direct assault on the independence of the judiciary,” Kelly Shackelford, the firm’s president and chief counsel, said in a statement.

“Other countries have done this, with disastrous results. Americans recognize that court-packing is a brazen power-play by political extremists to overthrow our court system,” Shackelford added. “The last thing our country needs right now is a coup on the Supreme Court. We need our Constitutional system. It is the envy of the world.”

The poll had a margin of error of less than 3%.

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