Poll: Trump’s approval ratings dip over handling of the coronavirus crisis

With so much negative media regarding Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, a round of polls was inevitable.

The Hill/HarrisX poll is among the first to publish its results, with 53 percent of registered voters saying they disapprove of the way Trump is handling the situation.

Election ramifications

The coronavirus is going to have a major impact on the upcoming election. What was once considered to be an imminent re-election is now in considerable doubt due to the public opinion on this specific issue.

While Trump’s disapproval rating is at 53 percent overall, one of the key demographics that spells trouble for Trump is the independent voter, of which 58 percent disapprove of Trump’s coronavirus strategy.

The reality is that during times of crisis, Americans want someone to calm their fears and the overall impression right now is that Trump has botched the response.

What is really happening?

The biggest issue for the administration right now is the bungling of the testing availability.

When the crisis in China first started, the Trump administration locked down travel between China and the US, which has been widely credited with slowing down the spread of the virus to this country.

Even though Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden has openly opposed shutting down travel, Trump’s travel ban is supported by our leading health experts.

Additionally, the testing issue is more of a systematic failure, not an administration failure. In truth, this issue should have been fixed after the H1N1 virus, but the CDC never made the appropriate changes to prevent the same obstacles from a happening now as happened then.

This is not right-wing spin, but facts that come right from the mouth of infectious disease expert and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci…Watch below:

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks to the press regarding the coronavirus.

Posted by Fox Business on Thursday, March 12, 2020

The media is choosing to ignore his words, however, and is pumping out left-wing propaganda to promote Joe Biden.

Alternative media is getting shut out of this equation on social media, as Facebook and Twitter have cut down the reach of non-traditional media sites in an effort to prevent “disinformation” but sadly, the outlets they are allowing to get reach are even guiltier than some of the fringe websites on either side of the aisle.

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