Roughly one-third of Americans believe Biden’s win was influenced by voter fraud: Poll

Despite the efforts of Democratic operatives and mainstream media outlets to downplay concerns about the legitimacy of November’s presidential election, a significant portion of Americans continue to believe that the results were swayed as a result of widespread voter fraud.

A recent poll found that about one-third of adults believe President Joe Biden only won the race because of such cheating — and far more want to ensure future elections are safe and secure. 

Polling results

That figure is consistent with previous polls dating back to the aftermath of the election and strongly suggests that Democratic talking points are not assuaging skepticism among a sizable swath of the population.

Monmouth University pollsters surveyed 810 American adults earlier this month for a report with a 3.5-point margin of error.

In response to one question asking respondents if they believe Biden won the election “fair and square” or “due to vote fraud,” 61% said he was elected legitimacy and 7% were unsure. The rest — 32% — indicated that they believe Biden’s win was the result of fraud.

Furthermore, 14% told pollsters that they would “never accept” the legitimacy of a Biden administration.

More than two-thirds of those surveyed believe voter fraud is either a “major” or “minor” issue in U.S. politics, compared to just 29% who said it was not a problem at all.

“Could have long-term consequences”

Meanwhile, more than 3 in 4 said disenfranchisement was an issue while 20% did not think that it was a real problem.

Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, explained: “Disenfranchising eligible voters is nominally a bigger concern than voter fraud, but the sizable number of Americans who cling to the view that fraud determined the 2020 election poses an intractable challenge for reaching any consensus on voting access.”

As for those who believe Biden’s electoral win was the result of alleged fraud, he added that the issue is “deepening the partisan divide in ways that could have long-term consequences for our Democracy, even if most Americans don’t quite see it that way yet.”

The polling results might come as unwelcome news for Biden and others in his party, but a Washington Examiner report offered a different wrinkle by highlighting the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe voter identification laws are warranted.

Despite the Democratic Party’s fight against such measures, about 80% of Americans across the ideological spectrum say they support voter ID laws, with just 18% opposed.

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