Poll: Majority of Americans approve of Trump’s coronavirus response

If you just listened to the media and Democrats, you would think the Trump administration completely bungled the coronavirus crisis.

But as more and more health experts get behind Trump and as he continues to send out a hopeful message and keep the public informed, Breitbart is now reporting that the confidence of the American people in Trump’s handling of the emergency is very high. 

Coronavirus response

A Harris poll conducted in two waves, one last week and one this week, shows pretty impressive results in terms of this country getting behind its president.

The poll — released Thursday — showed that during that time that the poll was conducted, Trump’s approval rating shot up from 49 percent to 53 percent.

His rating for how he has handled this crisis, however, was even better. That approval rating went up by five points, from 51 to 56 percent.

As you have probably already surmised, these numbers paint quite a different picture than the one being painted by the media and Democrats.

Election impact

A recession, historically, has meant doom and gloom for a sitting president. This recession, however, may be the exception. First, the recession is being caused by the coronavirus pandemic, not a fundamental economic instability.

Secondly, as we are now seeing, the rest of the world is following the example of the U.S., giving Americans more confidence in the measures being taken. Even though some Democrats are saying the administration reacted slowly, it seems like new reports are coming out almost every day to prove them wrong.

Additionally, considering how robust the economy was before this pandemic, it only makes sense that people would trust Trump to bring the economy back after this crisis is over.

The area that is is going to hurt Trump after the coronavirus crisis is managed will be in the federal deficit.

When Trump ran for president, he promised to have the deficit erased in eight years. But now, with all of these stimulus packages, the debt will more than likely be approaching $25 trillion when the election rolls around.

Even so, considering the circumstances, Americans will probably forgive that, especially if we can rebound from the shutdown quickly.

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