Report: American warplanes begin massive airstrikes against ISIS to finish them off

Terrorists might have thought Trump was backing off, but they just found out they were very wrong.

After a small lull in the attacks, Trump has  reportedly ordered the resumption of air strikes in Syria.


When Trump took office, he vowed to beat ISIS into submission.

Virtually from his first day in office, Trump has been approving missions that are putting constant pressure on the terrorist group.

Nobody knows why the attacks abated, but that little break has just ended (although the lull did coincide with the fall of Raqqa).

New reports are now coming in that fighters from the USS Harry S. Truman strike group are once again carrying out daily missions.

Syrian’s Fighting Back

In addition to the U.S. missions, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have joined in.

This force is made up of Arab and Kurdish paramilitary members.

This latest operation, named “Al-Jazeera Storm,” is the first joint campaign since Raqqa fell in 2017.

It is also conveniently timed with the demise of the Iran nuclear deal.

Israel has reportedly initiated its own attacks, so the Islamic State is getting hit from all angles right now.

How Long?

With daily missions resuming, the question remains how long will our troops be committed to this war?

The last time a carrier group was sent, they were there for almost a year.

So, it stands to reason the current strike force will be there for at least six months, if not longer.

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Trump vowed to rid the earth of these terrorists, and it is unlikely our forces will be withdrawn completely anytime soon.

While we may see a reduction, it is hard to imagine Trump backing off if there is even a scent of the Islamic State in existence.

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