American WaPo reporter rescued from Kabul by British troops

For the duration of the Afghanistan U.S. troop withdrawal debacle, President Joe Biden repeatedly ensured a concerned nation that American citizens with passports were able to freely and safely move through Taliban checkpoints on their way to Hamid Karzai International Airport.

But as countless American citizens stuck in Afghanistan have confirmed, including The Washington Post’s Susannah George, that simply was not the reality on the ground. According to the Daily Mail, because Biden essentially refused to allow U.S. troops to conduct rescue missions of our people, George had to rely on help from heroic, British special forces troops who eventually got her to the airport.

What happened to her?

George relayed a harrowing account of her attempt to get to the airport while traveling with her Afghan colleagues and their children. The group encountered extreme resistance at Taliban checkpoints, including watching her colleague’s young daughter beaten by the terrorists at one point.

Stuck without a safe or viable option to get to the airport in Kabul, George said an encounter with British troops who were taking part in a separate evacuation mission were the key to her survival and escape.

“Initially, the men were cautious about helping us,” Georgie wrote. “We weren’t part of their evacuation, and the officer said they needed sign-off from the U.S. Embassy.”

She added: “But after a few phone calls, they agreed to wave Tassal, another Washington Post employee and their families through the Taliban checkpoint.”

The British operators were able to get George and her Afghan colleagues to the airport via armored vehicles on a road that British troops had secured for several hours, keeping it clear of terrorist threats, including from the Taliban.

U.S. troops hamstrung

Though there have been two reports of U.S. troops being given clearance to go outside of the airport’s perimeter to conduct limited extraction missions via rotary-wing assets, Biden and his top military commanders have taken intense criticism for not allowing ready and willing U.S. troops to do what they do best.

During one of his few press conferences on his Afghanistan blunder, Biden was pressed on that very issue, being asked why U.S. troops were not allowed to go outside of the wire and rescue fellow U.S. citizens.

“The reason why we have not gone out—it’s likely to draw a lot of unintended consequences,” the commander in chief said.

Meanwhile, several other nations, including the U.K. and France, have sent their troops outside of the airport on numerous occasions in order to secure their citizens, the Military Times noted.

It’s truly a shame that Biden, who commands the deadliest, most capable fighting force on the planet, let politics get in the way of doing what’s right and letting our fine men and women in uniform rescue our own people. He will forever be remembered as one of the weakest and ineffective commanders in chief in modern U.S. history.

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