American voters have buyers remorse over Biden: New poll shows shocking reversal

A new I&I/TIPP poll published Saturday found that many Americans are experiencing buyers remorse and would reverse their 2020 presidential election vote if the election were held today.

President Joe Biden’s performance in the White House has been so abysmal that his support is collapsing in all demographics. Even some of his fellow Democrats no longer believe in him, and a majority of new polls show his support plummeting to new lows.

This latest poll found that only 46% of respondents would still vote for Biden for president, according to reports.

Buyers remorse

Americans seemingly have serious buyers remorse when it comes to President Biden and his performance in the White House, so far, as The Washington Times noted.

President Biden has failed on virtually every important issue that he and his White House has faced since taking office. His leadership on the international stage has created global chaos and embarrassed the United States.

The failed evacuation from Afghanistan made America look weak and emboldened terrorists worldwide. For the first time in 20 years, terrorists now have a safe haven — the Taliban-controlled country of Afghanistan — with which to attack the free world.

Trump was right

Many Americans now realize that former President Donald Trump’s warnings about Joe Biden were well-founded. Unfortunately, Americans cannot take their 2020 votes back.

Biden’s support in all demographics is plummeting from women to politically moderate Americans. The I&I/TIPP poll found that Biden’s support among American women is down from 57% to 49%.

Moderate voter support for the president is down from 56% to 47%. The numbers are all bad, and unless President Biden can do something drastic to alter course, the downward trend will spell doom for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections and beyond.

Biden is an anchor

President Biden has gone from a significant asset to a massive anchor for Democrats facing long odds in the 2022 midterm elections.

Democrats have little to campaign on going into 2022, as Americans are generally unhappy with the state of the nation, not to mention the woke culture and Biden’s failures on the foreign policy front. The economy is stagnant, and the news is all bad out of the nation’s capital.

If Democrats want any chance of hanging onto their legislative majority, they will have to distance themselves from President Biden, sooner than later.

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