American Graffiti actor Bo Hopkins passes at 84

The New York Post reports that actor Bo Hopkins has died. He was 84. 

The news of Hopkins’s passing was given by his wife, Sian Eleanor Green. The two had been married for over three decades at the time of Hopkins’s passing.

The news was also announced on Hopkins’s website, which stated, “it is with great sadness that we announce that Bo has passed away.”

Green revealed that Hopkins passed away on Saturday at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, California. Green further revealed that Hopkins’s passing followed a heart attack that he suffered on May 9. It appears that Hopkins was never able to recover from that event.

Remembering Hopkins

Hopkins enjoyed an acting career that lasted more than four decades. It began after Hopkins spent time in the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. military.

Following his military service, Hopkins began acting in plays and studying acting. He ended up moving to New York City and then to Hollywood in pursuit of his desired career. In Hollywood, while continuing this pursuit, he even spent time parking cars.

From these humble beginnings, Hopkins would go on to have more than 100 acting credits on various films and television shows. Some of the films he appeared in include The Wild Bunch, Midnight Express, White Lighting, The Wild Bunch, and many others. But, Hopkins is probably most well-known for his role in American Graffiti. 

In that film, he played the role of Joe “Little Joe” Young, who was a gang leader. Throughout the remainder of his life, Hopkins would go on to appear at classic car shows all because of this role and his popularity among classic car lovers.


Countless tributes to Hopkins have been posted on social media. One, for example, came from film critic Sean Burns.

“RIP Bo Hopkins, the last of The Wild Bunch and leader of The Pharaohs,” Burns wrote. “His Rockford Files episodes were always my favorites.”

Hopkins’s website, in its statement, said that “Bo loved hearing from his fans from around the world and although he was unable to respond to every email over the last few years, he appreciated hearing from each and every one of you.”

Hopkins will be missed by many.

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