American First Legal group accuses Disney of multiple violations, including freedom of religion

Disney generated massive controversy recently after it was made clear by some of the top executives at the company that it would fight against Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) bill that prevents young children from learning inappropriate sexual orientation and gender ideologies in the classroom.

As a result of Disney’s actions, not only is the entertainment behemoth facing backlash from millions of concerned parents, but it’s also now facing possible legal consequences, as American First Legal (AFL), a conservative law firm, accused the company of a number of violations, Fox Business reports.

The AFL, which was originally launched by former Donald Trump adviser Stephen Miller, is taking Disney to task over a number of alleged violations, including charges of violating religious freedom and discrimination.

The formal list of allegations was laid out in a letter sent by AFL to The Walt Disney Company Chair Susan Arnold.

The letter

AFL senior counselor Reed Rubinstein held nothing back in the scathing letter addressed to Arnold.

“Apparently, the Company’s executives have chosen to discriminate, create a hostile work environment, and drive away creative, loyal, and talented employees; alienate the Company’s core customers; and violate the law, all for the purpose of advancing a very narrow political and social agenda promoting, inter alia, sexualizing content provided to young children,” the letter read.

It added: “Accordingly, management has placed the Company’s assets, including its brand, reputation, and good will, at risk.”

The letter went on to cite a number of employees who’ve complained about the current woke and discriminatory atmosphere within the ranks of Disney.

“[I]t seems the Company’s executives are engaging in systemic discrimination against religious believers and creating a hostile work environment to silence them and/or drive them out of the Company; unlawfully favoring some individuals and discriminating against others with respect to the terms,” it continued.

The lie

Disney, liberal media outlets and other high-profile progressives quickly nicknamed the controversial Florida bill the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which is misinformation at its finest, as the bill doesn’t even mention the word “gay” even once.

However, the nickname stuck, and it caught on, which eventually drew Disney leadership into the mix. The company soon announced that they would “fight” to help repeal the bill, which only aims to take discussions about LGBTQ sexual content out of the classrooms of kindergartners up to third grade.

Many believe that Disney went too far on this particular controversy — far enough that there could be serious, bottom-line implications for the company this summer as millions of conservative parents possibly decide to opt for a different vacation destination.


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