At massive campaign rally in Dallas, Trump says ‘American democracy’ is at stake

If you believe liberals, there is little to no support left for Donald Trump in this country; everyone wants him impeached. But the scene in Texas on Thursday told a different story.

According to The Dallas Morning News, President Trump earned roars of applause from rally-goers at American Airlines Arena on Thursday night who apparently agreed with him that Democrats are “crazy” and that “at stake in this [2o2o] fight is American democracy itself.”

Sorry, Beto

Democrat 2020 hopeful Beto O’Rourke believes he has started a blue wave in Texas that will hand Democrats the state in the presidential election. But Trump has some bad news for Beto.

He told rally-goers in Dallas on Thursday: “Texas is not in play.”

Every word that came out of Trump’s mouth seemed to send the crowd into a frenzy — especially when Trump lauded the incredible and brave achievements of Texans.

Trump went on to not only predict his own victory in the Lone Star State, but also across the U.S. “We have to make it a landslide,” he said.

Take a look at a video clip of the rally, provided by The Dallas Morning News:

Keeping America Great

Trump has had some harsh words for Democrats in recent weeks as they seek to impeach him. “They are trying to destroy this country, and we will never let it happen,” he said Thursday.

And it looks like the president’s proclamation will come true.

American Airlines Arena was packed to capacity last night and more were left outside, most of them wearing Trump gear and all unafraid to wave a flag.

Now, the president justs need to turn these rally crowds into voters and so he can deliver the landslide he’s promised.

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