America has morphed into ... OPPOSITE LAND

 March 19, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” The famous biblical passage from Isaiah offers a chilling but disarmingly accurate characterization of today’s Democratic Party, which has descended to its darkest, most perverse, and pathological low point in history – except perhaps for its fierce defense of slavery until the Civil War put an end to that.

Whether viewed through the prism of power politics, ideology, psychology, or religious faith, the Democratic Party of 2024 has become a daily showcase of exactly the kind of remorseless lying, gaslighting, and projection – i.e., calling “evil good, and good evil” – that is condemned in the Bible.

Democrats’ 180-degree moral-inversion modus operandi has become so reliably extreme that it has evolved into something of a crystal ball, allowing one to discern not only what the far-left ruling elites are secretly doing right now, but also what they intend to do next.

How can that be? By carefully noting the crimes, conspiracies, and corruption that Democrat leaders falsely accuse conservatives of perpetrating, one can gain an uncannily accurate insight into the very crimes, conspiracies, and corruption they are covertly pursuing right now – and planning for the future.



* Democrats accuse Republicans of being lawless, a claim epitomized by their massively lawless campaign against the GOP’s current leader, President Donald J. Trump, who in a short period has been accused of over 100 different crimes in left-wing jurisdictions nationwide – all to block his reelection and make sure he dies in prison. Yet despite the prevailing Opposite Land narrative, Democrats have proven to be the lawless party, abusing America’s best-in-the-world legal system in its wild persecution of Trump.

The truth of this assessment was affirmed recently by the Supreme Court’s humiliating unanimous decision annihilating one of the Democrats’ lawfare cases against Trump. Ironically, while Democrats claim the 45th president is a big-time criminal, in reality, it is Joe Biden, America’s 46th president, who heads up an actual crime family involving at least nine family members, as House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has revealed.

* Far worse than the Democrats’ persecution of Donald Trump and simultaneous defense of an epically corrupt man like Joe Biden is their mass criminal prosecutions and imprisonment of hundreds of innocent, patriotic Americans for simply protesting the theft of the 2020 election. In so doing, the Biden administration has embraced the kind of unthinkable political weaponization of the legal system that previously was associated with the most brutal and corrupt Third World dictators.

Ultimately, the hundreds of unjust Jan. 6 prosecutions, convictions, and lengthy incarcerations are simply part of Democrats’ appalling campaign to brand not just Trump, but his supporters, as terrorists and “insurrectionists” attempting to overthrow America’s constitutional system of government.

But being Opposite Land, that analysis is not only nonsensical, it is precisely opposite to the truth: Attempting to undermine the American constitutional system, for which the elites have barely disguised contempt, is precisely what today’s Democratic leadership does 24/7.

* Democrats daily accuse Republicans, as well as essentially the entire American middle class, of being racists, bigots, and white supremacists. In reality, of course, it is Democrats who have historically, generation after generation, practiced and championed overt racism: Democrats were the party of slavery, while the Republican Party came into existence in 1854 explicitly as the “anti-slavery party.” Democrats opposed Reconstruction after the Civil War and founded the Ku Klux Klan in 1865, making up most of its membership. They were likewise the main force behind Jim Crow laws for many decades afterward.

Fast-forward to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The great American middle class had largely been persuaded by the noble, nonviolent movement, capped off by Rev. Martin Luther King’s stirring “I Have a Dream” speech in August of 1963, that they too, like King, desired to “live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Yet the following year, it was Senate Democrats who filibustered the historic 1964 Civil Rights Act for an astounding 60 days – the longest filibuster in U.S. history – in a desperate attempt to block the anti-segregation bill’s passage.

Today, 60 years later in 2024 America, it is still Democrats, not Republicans, who are utterly obsessed with hiring and firing, promoting and demoting, rewarding and punishing, favoring and rejecting people solely based on their skin color. Long forsaken by the left is the entire Civil Rights Movement and MLK’s cherished “dream” of a color-blind America.

And yet, according to the party that championed slavery, opposed Reconstruction, pushed Jim Crow laws, and tried desperately to kill the ’64 Civil Rights Act, the United States of America – hands-down the least racist nation in all of history – is irredeemably racist. And all because of those racist, white-supremacist, Klan-loving Republicans!

That’s what it means to live in the Opposite Land.

* Democrats perennially accuse Republicans of “voter suppression” for insisting people identify themselves as U.S. citizens before voting in elections that will largely determine America's future. As Kamala Harris alleged in a 2020 op-ed, Republicans, by supporting Voter ID, are "doing everything in their power to suppress and attack the voting rights of people of color."

Incredibly, Democrats’ opposition to Voter ID persists in an era when the Biden administration has intentionally engineered a massive foreign invasion of non-citizens into America, bringing in well over ten million illegal aliens so far during Biden's term, all for the ultimate and obvious (if unspoken) purpose of creating millions of new Democratic voters.

Democrats’ end game is to transform America into a permanent one-party state – perpetually run by them. So, while Voter ID is more necessary than ever for preserving election integrity and thereby preserving the nation itself, Democrats oppose it. But what sort of reason, one might ask, could Democrats possibly concoct to justify opposition to such a clearly needed, universally accepted, and common-sense measure?

Unfortunately for Democrats, who like Biden and Harris claim Voter ID serves only to suppress black voter turnout, their sole argument is transparently racist, since its unavoidable implication is that “people of color” are somehow too poor, ignorant, incompetent, or stupid to obtain a government-issued ID. Yet, no one in America can open a bank account, cash a check, fly in an airplane, rent a car, stay in a hotel, pick up a doctor’s prescription or, in general, navigate this life without a government ID. Nevertheless, Biden has repeatedly called Voter ID laws – which, ironically, polls show blacks overwhelmingly support – the equivalent of “Jim Crow 2.0.”

* Thousands of America’s children are being groomed and seduced into undergoing horrendous transgender amputation surgeries and other unthinkable and irreversible medical “treatments” that destroy their lives – leading many to commit suicide. Indeed, Medical News Today in 2022 reported on new research showing transgender teens are more than seven times as likely to commit suicide as other teenagers. Yet President Biden, whose administration enthusiastically supports – and funds with taxpayers’ money – the mass-hysteria transgender craze, recently condemned as “close to sinful” the efforts of good people to stop the mass mutilation of America’s children. Likewise, “gender-affirming” psychologist Dr. Harriette Wimms, clinical director for the Village Family Support Center in Baltimore, Maryland, has announced publicly that parents who oppose cutting the breasts and/or sex organs off their children have a “mental illness.”

Once again, in Opposite Land the people merrily leading children into lifelong misery, disability, conflict, and suicide accuse loving, protective parents and other right-thinking people who oppose the demonic transgender craze of being “sinful” and having a “mental illness.”

* Democrats are obsessed with eliminating fossil fuels to save the planet and keep it habitable for the human race – or so they claim. But the reality is precisely 180 degrees opposite from what left-wing global-warming zealots say, a truth neatly summarized in the title of the 2022 bestseller by energy expert Alex Epstein, “Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas – Not Less.” Even Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore enthusiastically affirms the truth of “Fossil Future” and condemns the left’s obsession with imposing “Net Zero” greenhouse gas emissions on America (though mysteriously, not on China). Moore characterizes the effect Democrats’ climate-change policies would eventually have on the world’s population in the starkest terms possible: “If we achieved Net Zero, at least 50% of the population would die of hunger and disease.”

In Opposite Land, climate-alarmist leftists, globalists, and Democrats accuse Republicans, most of whom oppose Biden’s wanton throttling of America’s fossil-fuel industries, of helping make the earth uninhabitable by driving gasoline-powered automobiles and heating their homes with natural gas or oil. But in the real world, it is the left’s radical climate-change policies that will, if pursued to their desired conclusion, result in a level of global starvation, disease, and death unprecedented in recorded history.

Then again, it’s no secret that many top globalist billionaires, from George Soros to Bill Gates, have long openly campaigned for reducing the earth’s population … as a means of improving life for all.

* Democrats regularly accuse Republicans of “fascism,” with Joe Biden in a major speech calling tens of millions of Trump-supporting Republicans “semi-fascists.” In reality, however, the specter of classic fascism – in the sense of totalitarian subjugation of a population by means of an unholy partnership between governmental and corporate power – is today manifesting in a multitude of ways, most conspicuously the widespread and now-proven collusion between the Deep State and Big Tech to censor and suppress conservatives.

Understand the utterly fascist dynamic of the permanent ruling class in Washington, D.C. The Constitution explicitly prohibits the federal government from crushing the free speech and free press rights of Americans. So the government resorts instead to “outsourcing” – to the “private businesses” comprising Big Tech – the desired censorship, deplatforming, and suppression of free speech and free press that are constitutionally protected. They justify this gross violation of America’s cherished First Amendment rights by labeling all expression with which they disagree – i.e., truth – as “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and a brand-new and highly confusing “1984”-type term, “malinformation” (defined as “truth used to inflict harm.”)

Also on the fascism front, there is the violent, fascist, domestic-terror group Antifa, which ironically stands for “anti-fascist,” and which in 2020 Joe Biden bizarrely announced was a nonexistent group, calling it “an idea, not an organization.” In reality, of course, as the world saw during the summer of 2020, Antifa, along with Black Lives Matter, engaged in a five-month mega-orgy of violence across America. During this unprecedented rolling riot, they terrorized and ransacked many major U.S. cities, caused over $2 billion in property damage, wounded some 1,200 law enforcement officers, and caused the deaths of at least 25 people.

That’s what nonexistent organizations can do in Opposite Land.

It’s a place where left-wing Democrats controlling the nation’s government and culture accuse traditional-values Republicans of being lawless, fascist, mentally ill, election-rigging extremists who embrace violence to overturn this nation’s lawfully elected constitutional government.

Yet that turns out to be a perfect mirror image of the accusers – and a clear picture of what they are planning for the United States of America.

All this is just the “tip of the iceberg” of the mind-blowing information and revelations packed into the April issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “OPPOSITE LAND: A stunning tour of the Left’s Total Inversion of morality, history and reality.”

Highlights of “OPPOSITE LAND” include:

* “Welcome to Opposite Land: In 2024, Democrats live in a parallel universe where up is down, black is white … and evil is good” by David Kupelian

* “Leftists always suppress dissent – because they have to” by Dennis Prager, who argues that on campus, 'One conservative speaker can undo four years of indoctrination in 90 minutes'”

* “Surprise! Global elites set their sights on a new target: Orwellian socialists who continually deceive the masses now insist they’re concerned about … ‘disinformation and misinformation’” by Jason Cohen

* “No, Trump supporters don't worship him and think he's a messiah: In contrast, the left widely and openly adored Obama as ‘God of all things’” by Rachel Alexander

* “Exploding the left's 'Big Lie' about Trump and the GOP: As usual, the truth is 180 degrees opposite to what progressive academics and politicians claim” by Dinesh D'Souza

* “Massive Russian collusion, but not by Trump: Exploring the century-long complicity between Democrats and Moscow” by David Kupelian

* “America is splitting at the seams thanks to the neo-Marxists: How 'freedom and liberty' have been radically re-defined as their opposites” by Hanne Nabintu Herland

* "COVID vaccine: 1 ‘big lie’ that reportedly killed millions. Study links shots, which leaders swore were safe and effective, to 17 million 'vaccine deaths'" by Bob Unruh

* “Why the Left seeks chaos” Explaining ‘progressivism’s’ radical rebellion against the God of the Bible” by Dennis Prager

* “Why major media describe peaceful, patriotic, Christian Americans as 'jihadists,' 'terrorists,' ‘cannibals’ and ‘vampires’” by David Kupelian

* “Who knew? Universities are 'rightwing' institutions! Classic example of 'gaslighting' by far-left professor” by Patrice Lewis

* “Journalists claim white, rural, traditional-values, Christian Americans are the real 'threat': 'They’re the most racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, geodemographic group!'” by Bob Unruh

* “The Dirty Little Secret of the 2024 Campaign” by Ben Shapiro, who says: “Donald Trump is the moderate in this race” by Ben Shapiro

* “Gender doctor: Parents who oppose amputating their own children’s body parts have a 'mental illness'” by Megan Brock and Kate Anderson

* “'Do you believe in miracles?' Something supernatural is happening with President Trump. We are all witnessing 'The Trump Miracle'” by Wayne Allyn Root

* “Franklin Graham: 'No question, there's an anti-Christ spirit in the world today' – hammers U.S. media for 'demonizing Christians who are conservatives'” by Bob Unruh.

Comments bestselling author and longtime Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian: “The baseline reasons for all this madness are clear: Opposition to God and His laws of life to play god – to invent their reality and force everyone else to accept it – has always been the mind and substance of the far left since the days of Karl Marx. To justify their lawlessness and maintain their illusion of moral superiority, leftists have to portray conservatives – i.e. normal people who hold to society’s biblically based 'traditional values' – as evil. This is why Democrat leaders in the U.S. and their media allies continually compare Trump to Hitler. It’s insane, of course; Hitler murdered 11 million people, and Trump murdered zero. Yet they persist because they desperately need their lying, cheating and lawless ways to somehow be counted as just, noble, and good.”

Don’t miss April’s “OPPOSITE LAND” Whistleblower special report. You will see the whole political-cultural-spiritual war raging in the U.S.A. in a whole new light.

First, you get the e-book edition of Joseph Farah’s critically acclaimed book “The Gospel In Every Book of the Old Testament.”

While other books have explored various glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament, this one is different – seeking out and finding the redemptive message of the Gospel in all 39 books of the original Hebrew Scriptures.

That’s why it has been characterized as a “breakthrough Bible book” by some of the many Christian luminaries who have warmly endorsed it, including Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee, Greg Laurie, Eric Metaxas, and many others.

The secret to finding the Good News everywhere throughout the Old Testament, says Farah, can be found in the way Jesus Himself characterized His message throughout the gospels of Matthew and Mark, calling it “the Gospel of the Kingdom.” This messianic Kingdom – in which the entire world is restored to the way it was intended before the fall of mankind – is often overlooked, the author says, as a key part of the Gospel message, which is more often associated solely with the all-important call to personal salvation.

Thus, not only is this book a convenient and unique reference for the book-by-book study of the Hebrew Scriptures, it also provides a fresh look at the complexity and fullness of the Good News Jesus and the Apostles preached in the Greek Scriptures. There are 39 chapters in the book, each one devoted to finding and documenting the Gospel in each book of the Old Testament – from Genesis to Malachi.

What does it mean that the Gospel, so often associated exclusively with the New Testament, is pervasive throughout the Old? It is stunning evidence, the author suggests, that all 66 books of the Bible, though written over 1,500 years by about 40 different people, represent a fully integrated, singular, cohesive, and miraculous message.

Next, you’ll get the state-of-the-art digital edition of Whistleblower’s special edition illuminating “WOKEISM: AMERICA’S OFFICIAL STATE RELIGION.”

“Going woke” conjures up visions of someone claiming to be acutely sensitive (“awake”) to “systemic social and political injustice.” And not just alleged bigotry against blacks, but toward every other “minority” as well, from LGBT folk – especially everything transgender and “nonbinary” – to “undocumented immigrants.” All of them, being VICTIMS, supposedly much more virtuous than the shameful oppressor class: primarily heterosexual white males.

This new “woke” consciousness has turned America upside-down – from the nationwide Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots in 2020 to the tearing down of historic monuments, to demanding multi-million-dollar reparation payments for blacks, to appointing transgenders as top government officials, to rampant reverse discrimination in every area of life, to the U.S. military imposing mandatory “diversity training” and transgender pronoun use on all personnel, causing recruitment to disastrously plummet.

This insane new gospel is insightfully explored in “WOKEISM: AMERICA’S OFFICIAL STATE RELIGION.”

Finally, you’ll get the digital edition of Whistleblower’s sensational exposé of America’s public schools, "THE GREATEST BETRAYAL: How Marxism and madness have taken over America's public school system." (This issue is completely sold out of the print edition, with many readers purchasing large quantities to give to others.)

Although millions of American parents send their children off to public school every day, imagining their kids' days will be filled with reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, sports, and music, they're not only in for a shock – but total BETRAYAL. Today's "public" (government) schools have become far-left ideological, political, and religious indoctrination centers aimed at reprogramming and transforming America's children. Kids are taught to HATE their own country and to see themselves and their parents as racists – or victims of racists. They are sexualized and corrupted, and many are groomed into the dark LGBT world, with almost 6,000 schools prohibiting parents from even hearing about their child's transgender "transition." In between all the far-left indoctrination and sexual corruption, teachers take time to scare children to death about the near-term end of life on earth due to "catastrophic climate change." Perhaps never has the true threat of today's U.S. public school system been exposed as in the sensational Whistleblower issue, "THE GREATEST BETRAYAL."

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