Amazon, N.Y. Times sabotaged 'Tucker' book release: Reports

August 23, 2023
World Net Daily

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The publishers of Chadwick Moore's new book about Tucker Carlson, "Tucker: The Biography," released Aug. 1, has charged Amazon with purposely under-reporting its sales of the book to make it appear like a "flop."

'The left-wing echo chamber is attempting to tank the book's sales, using the BookScan number to prove the book is a flop, with the goal of diminishing Tucker's stature and enforcing the narrative that Tucker is now irrelevant," "Tucker" publisher All Seasons Press said in an Aug. 18 press release.

"The New York Times unsurprisingly totally excluded the book in spite of the fact that Tucker sold 50% more than [their] #2 nonfiction hardcover and just 150 units behind their #1!" the publisher said in the same release.

"For the first week Tucker was on sale, BookScan only reported 3,227 copies sold, placing it 40th on its bestseller list. This is because it appears Amazon did not report its complete week one sales to BookScan," All Seasons Press said in a previous release, Aug. 16. "If it had, it would have likely placed between 5th and 7th. BookScan does not measure actual sales from retailers but uses an algorithm taking samples from some, but not all, retailers. Most importantly, BookScan relies on accurate reporting from said retailers."

Bookscan ranks the sales of printed books only, not e-books, and relies on sales reports from major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Walmart, according to a 2017 article on the "convoluted world of best-sellers list" in the liberal site Vox.

Predictably, the leftist media ran with the artificially low BookScan numbers.

Daily Mail reported Aug. 16: "In a number crunch seen by, a total of 7,523 units of 'Tucker' by Chadwick Moore were shipped to Amazon the week of July 24 – while another 5,163 were shipped to the seller between August 1 and 3."

Meanwhile, the demand for "Tucker" has been so great that All Seasons Press announced Aug. 16 that it had "already ordered a second printing."

At press time, "Tucker" was listed as #3 on Publishers Weekly's "Hardcover Frontlist Nonfiction," rising from #15 the previous week. It reports year-to-date sales of nearly 15,000 (printed) books in just the three weeks since it "Tucker" went on sale.

All Seasons Press knocked down the "book flop" and "Tucker's irrelevance" narratives with facts like these:

  • At the time Tucker launched over 50,000 units had been shipped to retailers, including 7,523 units to Amazon.
  • Direct sales though the publisher of almost 6x the number of books reported by BookScan and the frenzied, error-ridden journalists.
  • When the book's pre-sale was announced, the book reached #14 among All Books on Amazon, and #1 numerous categories.

Since the book was listed as "SOLD OUT" by Amazon on its launch day, the publisher asks these questions:

  • Did Amazon sell out of their 7,512 units almost immediately?
  • If so, we weren't those sales reported to BookScan?
  • If they did not sell out of their 7,513 unit inventory, why did they announce that the book was sold out and unavailable for sale?

'Do you want to cancel your order'?

City Journal reported Aug. 22 on another facet of the "Tucker" book saga: "Amazon fulfilled post-publication orders before shipping books to customers who’d preordered Tucker. And after describing the book as 'Sold Out,' Amazon didn’t order more copies from the publisher; on the contrary – and quite incredibly – it 'emailed many preorder customers to ask if they wanted to cancel their orders,' and required them 'to go on a desktop, not the app, and proactively confirm they still wanted the book or the order would automatically cancel.'"

In other words, writes City Journal's Bruce Bawer: "Amazon made it easy for customers to cancel their orders and made it difficult for them to confirm their orders. What merchant eager to sell a product behaves in such a way? When you add it all up, it looks suspicious."

"Our customer poll revealed 40% of Amazon customers who had pre-ordered Tucker, many as far back as May, had not received their copies ten days after launch. Amazon sales are not reported until a customer's credit card is charged and the order ships, so the BookScan number does not reflect a significant number of Amazon pre-orders," All Seasons Press' Aug. 16 statement states.

At press time, "Tucker" was at #12 on the New York Times best-seller list for "Hardcover Nonfiction," even though according to Publisher's Weekly, its sales have eclipsed those of books higher on the list. For example, "trans" actor Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page's book, "Page Boy," sits at #6 on the Times' nonfiction list but it is way down at #25 on PW's nonfiction list (where "Tucker" is #3).

Vox reports the New York Times book-sellers list is by far the most important and influential of all such lists.

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