‘This is amateur hour’: Biden’s top diplomats face blowback following ‘disaster’ China summit

Top officials from the United States and China met in Alaska this past week — and it didn’t go all that well. After the summit started out with the diplomats trading sharp insults in front of the international media, a former top intelligence official ripped President Joe Biden’s team as “incompetent” for their “amateur” performance, Just the News reported.

The criticism of Biden and his Alaska team — which included Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan — came from Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst and chief of staff for the National Security Council under former President Donald Trump who spoke last week with the John Solomon Reports podcast.

Tit-for-tat insults

According to Politico, the tit-for-tat insults began Thursday when Blinken openly accused communist China of undermining the “rules-based order” that undergirds “global stability,” suggesting that China’s recent actions in Hong Kong and against its Uyghur minority could result in more violence around the world.

In response, the Chinese representatives spoke at length of America’s hypocrisy, pointing to “human rights violations” in the treatment of Black Americans, a remark that Blinken reportedly dismissed as “grandstanding.”

That wasn’t enough to satisfy Fleitz, however, who called the secretary’s performance “one of the most incompetent displays I’ve ever seen by an American diplomat.”

“This is amateur hour”

“Insulting the Chinese just before the talks begin, before the cameras causing them to lose face. I just thought, ‘This is amateur hour,'” Fleitz said during his recent interview, according to Just the News.

Fleitz also praised former President Donald Trump, who he said “knew how to deal with heads of state of our enemies.”

By contrast, he said, “these guys [Biden’s team], I think they were just virtue signaling before the lapdog American media. It was a serious mistake and it set back our policies and it made them look inept because they weren’t ready for the counter-attack by Chinese officials,” Fleitz added on the podcast.

“I mean, we gave them an opportunity to dress down the secretary of State and National Security adviser in front of the international press. What a disaster,” the former intel official lamented.

“Someone with gravitas”

Later in his talk, Fleitz suggested Biden may need “a new Secretary of State — someone with gravitas” who can avoid another “disaster” like what transpired in Alaska.

According to Just the News, Fleitz said it should be “someone who is a liberal and a Democrat, but has gravitas and is knowledgeable — not just a staff aide or an Obama retread. Someone with deep thoughts.” And someone who, in the eyes of Fleitz, simply doesn’t exist in Biden’s current lineup.

But it doesn’t look like the president is looking to change his strategy any time soon. According to the New York Post, when asked Friday by reporters outside the White House for his reaction to the Alaska summit, Biden simply replied: “I’m very proud of the secretary of State.”

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