Liberal star Alyssa Milano tells all about her friendship with Joe Biden

Alyssa Milano has been sticking up for Joe Biden, as well as justifying his sexual misconduct — and now we know why.

As it turns out, Biden and Milano are rather chummy. The Hollywood star offered insight into their “friendship” during a recent interview.

I Know Joe

Milano said in her interview that she has been “friends” with Joe Biden for some time now.

Apparently now, however, they are a bit friendlier, as Biden is a presidential candidate and Milano is taking on the “dangerous” conservative movement with every passing breath.

In her talk, Milano told a heartwarming story about how the former VP called her for her birthday.

He was taking a trip with his granddaughter, yet still picked up the phone to call Milano because, as Milano put it, “That’s Joe Biden.”

Justifying Bad Behavior

When the most recent “touching” allegations were made against Biden, Milano was the first one to speak up to defend Biden.

(Mind you, if that had been a Republican, she would have been organizing an angry mob.)

Instead, Milano excused Biden’s behavior by saying he was raised in an affectionate family, and in a generation when hugging and kissing strangers was okay.


Milano wants to hold men accountable for their actions, yet she gives Joe a pass because they are buddies.

This proves once and for all that Milano’s opinion on political matters is not worth the paper it is written on.

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