Putin’s alleged love child abruptly stops posting on popular Instagram profile

Social media sensation Luiza Krivonogikh amassed a wide online audience based in large part on her claims that she is the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his mistress.

Now, the 18-year-old woman has essentially disappeared from the web and has not posted to her popular Instagram account in about two months.

Leaked documents contain shocking details

According to the New York Post, speculation has swirled that her powerful father might have silenced her after she began boasting about the luxurious Monte Carlo apartment where she lives with her mother Svetlana Krivonogikh.

A leak of millions of internal Russian documents earlier this year reportedly led to initial revelations about the expensive apartment along the French Riviera.

The documents also included apparent evidence that Svetlana Krivonogikh moved into the residence around the time that her daughter was born. A former cleaner, Krivonogikh somehow became incredibly wealthy, fueling further rumors that she had been Putin’s mistress.

Since those documents were leaked, Luiza Krivonogikh bragged online about her familiarity with the apartment. Theories regarding why she abruptly stopped posting on Instagram have largely focused on the belief that she angered Putin.

Many of her fans and followers are now demanding answers, particularly concerning her safety and location.

Alleged love child adds to mystery

As the so-called Pandora Papers revealed, the penthouse apartment in Monte Carlo was purchased for about $4 million by an offshore firm around the time of Luiza’s birth.

Documents further suggested that Svetlana has a net worth of roughly $100 million, derived in part from shares in several Russian-owned companies.

All of the evidence seems to lead to an implication that Putin paid off his alleged former mistress and their child, likely on the condition that they keep their connection to him a secret.

Of course, revelations in the Pandora Papers — along with a bombshell Russian news report detailing Luiza’s apparent lineage — have let the cat out of the bag. Her subsequent boasts online about her luxurious lifestyle potentially complicated the matter for her alleged father.

The entire narrative is still based on speculation, with Luiza’s disappearance in recent months only fueling the rumors. It remains to be seen whether she re-emerges with an explanation as well as whether Putin ever addresses the issue directly.

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