British toddler Alfie Evans dies, Pope Francis tweets condolences

Early Saturday morning, another angel found his way to heaven.

Sadly, the toddler at the center of a legal battle, Alfie Evans, passed away.


The father of the boy, Tom Evans, somehow found the strength to share his heartbreak only moments after his son died.

On Facebook, he wrote, “My gladiator lay down his shield and gained his wings… absolutely heartbroken.”

Impacted Millions

This was the story of a boy that was not only special to his immediate family, but to millions of people around the globe.

His death was literally felt around the world.

Even the Pope took a few minutes to offer his support to the boy’s family…

Alfie’s Story

The story of the toddler is of significant interest for more than humanitarian reasons too.

With the consistent push by Democrats to have government-run healthcare, this story hit home for a lot of parents here in the United States.

Alfie had been diagnosed with a very rare and degenerative neurological condition.

While there were some experimental treatments available, the hospital refused to pursue them.

In addition, the boy, against his parents wishes, was removed from life support.

Even worse, the British courts blocked the parents from seeking any care elsewhere for their child.

In essence, the care of their child was stripped from them and he was a ward of the government.

The law that enabled the court to make this decision is the 1989 Children Act.

The legislation was in response to dozens of children being abused, not cases such as this, but it has since been interpreted to cover medical care cases.

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Over the last 18 months, Alfie’s case has served as a rallying cry for conservatives that want less government, as it is a perfect case of the government overstepping its bounds.

The next time a liberal points to government-controlled health care, just tell them about Alfie and ask them how they would like to have their child’s care taken out of their hands.

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