Alarm sounded over Biden's pattern of 'unlawful overreach'

 January 8, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

One of Joe Biden's strategies to remake America in his pro-abortion, pro-electric vehicle, pro-transgender ideology has been simply to redefine words, or rewrite rules.

Those processes avoid the need to get something approved by Congress.

One of the recent schemes was to call abortion a necessary medical "treatment" to stabilize a patient in an emergency room. That would require any emergency room physician or assistant to participate literally in abortion on demand.

Now the Washington Stand has a report documenting the high level of concern such actions, described as "a pattern of unconstitutional overreach," have generated.

Biden's maneuvers, the report are being used "to achieve political ends."

"Last year, the Biden administration moved forward with a new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) rule that threatened to pull federal funding for school lunches from schools that did not adopt the administration’s new interpretation of Title IX, which specified that the prohibition on discrimination based on sex must 'include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.' Observers noted that a program designed to help feed low-income children was now being entangled with a policy rooted in highly controversial gender ideology," the report cited.

Then a coalition of Republican state attorneys general sued over another Biden rule change, this one coming through the Department of Transportation to force states to create benchmarks for reducing greenhouse gases.

Austin Knudsen, of Montana, blasted it as "another unlawful and overreaching regulation" as the coalition pointed out the agency didn't have the authority to do that.

And Dave Yost, Ohio's AG, went on "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" to describe many other "examples of the Biden administration’s overreach."

He commented:

"One of the things people ought to pay attention to is the phrase 'whole of government.' You’re starting to hear this from bureaucrats and politicians in Washington over and over again. That should be a red flag for you when you hear 'whole of government.' … It’s kind of a code that they’re going to use [for] agencies that have absolutely nothing to do with the thing at hand to try to accomplish something that they don’t have authority to do.

"For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] is there to regulate the stock markets and stock trading and commodities trading. They publish rules, and it’s a regulatory agency — pretty dry and dusty. Well, under the whole-of-government approach, the Biden administration is using them to try to enter into fossil fuels and energy policy and climate change. What do the SEC and stock markets have to do with whether we drive electric cars or not or fossil fuel development?"

Further, he told the Washington Stand of a work regulation, from OSHA, through which Biden attempted "to make sure that every employee of a company that had more than 100 employees, which was over 80 million Americans, had to have the [COVID] vaccine … if they wanted the government’s permission to work."

He said the courts and Congress both need to work on reining in "an overreaching executive."

He warned, "We have to realize we’re in a battle. This is not a civil debate. … These folks don’t care about the norms. They don’t care about the rules or the rule of law. We are in a pitched battle, and we need everybody to help."

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