Alarm sounded about end of America for disagreeing with official 'news'

June 4, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

An extreme danger has developed in America, and it's the end of free speech, and editorial charges.

Commentator J.B. Shurk writes at the Gatestone Institute that it could mean the end of America.

He notes, "Media polling from Harvard-Harris showing that Americans hold almost diametrically opposing viewpoints from those that news corporations predominantly broadcast as the official 'truth.'"

Further, he noted, "Americans have correctly concluded that [with the 'Russia Hoax' and suppressing reported influence peddling in Hunter Biden's laptop ] journalists and spies advanced a 'fraud' on voters as part of an effort to censor a damaging story and 'help Biden win.'"

In fact, it was George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley who concluded, "Under the current approach to journalism, it is the New York Times that receives a Pulitzer for a now-debunked Russian collusion story rather than the New York Post for a now-proven Hunter Biden laptop story."

Actually, under Joe Biden's administration, Shurk explained, "The government apparently took the public's censorship concerns so seriously that it quietly moved on from the collapse of its plans for a 'disinformation governance board' within the DHS and proceeded within the space of a month to create a new 'disinformation' office known as the Foreign Malign Influence Center, which now operates from within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Although ostensibly geared toward countering information warfare arising from "foreign" threats, one of its principal objectives is to monitor and control 'public opinion and behaviors.'"

Sen. Michael Bennet, a far-left Democrat from the far-left state of Colorado, "has already proposed a bill that would create a Federal Digital Platform Commission with 'the authority to promulgate rules, impose civil penalties, hold hearings, conduct investigations, and support research,'" he said.

The result, he explained, could be "an American KGB, Stasi or CCP — empowered to target half the population for disagreeing with current government policies, promoting 'wrong think,' or merely going to church."

"U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has gone after traditional Catholics who attend Latin mass, but why would government suspicions end with the Latin language? When small commissions exist to decide which Americans are the 'enemy,' there is no telling who will be designated as a "threat" and punished next," he said.

The next step. looking forward, he said, isn't difficult.

"Now that the government has fully inserted itself into the news and information industry, the criminalization of free speech is a very real threat. This has always been a chief complaint against international institutions such as the World Economic Forum that spend a great deal of time, power, and money promoting the thoughts and opinions of an insular cabal of global leaders while showing negligible respect for the personal rights and liberties of the billions of ordinary citizens they claim to represent."

He warned, "In an America now plagued with the stench of official 'snitch lines,' censorship of certain presidential candidates, widespread online surveillance, a resurrected 'disinformation governance board,' and increasingly frequent criminal prosecutions targeting Americans who exercise their free speech, the question is not whether what we inaudibly think or say in our sleep will someday be used against us, but rather how soon that day will come unless we stop it."

It was Rasmussen Reports that recently confirmed 59% of likely voters believe the corporate news media truly is "the enemy of the people."

And regarding the FBI's decision to use its influence to tell media companies to suppress accurate reporting about the Biden family scandals documented in a laptop computer Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop, he said, "Americans have correctly concluded that journalists and spies advanced a 'fraud' on voters.

Further, "majorities" of Americans suspect Joe Biden has used his government powers to profit from various influence-peddling schemes, and the FBI deliberately refused to investigate, he said.

He warned, "Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley recently asked, 'Do we have a de facto state media?' In answering his own question, he notes that the news blackout surrounding congressional investigations into Biden family members who have allegedly received more than ten million dollars in suspicious payments from foreign entities 'fits the past standards used to denounce Russian propaganda patterns and practices.' After Republican members of Congress traced funds to nine Biden family members 'from corrupt figures in Romania, China, and other countries,' Turley writes, 'The New Republic quickly ran a story headlined 'Republicans Finally Admit They Have No Incriminating Evidence on Joe Biden.''"

He explained foreign governments aggressively are attacking free speech.

"Now, however, what was once observed from some distance has made its way home; it feels as if a faraway communist enemy has finally stormed America's beaches and come ashore in force.

"Not a day seems to go by without some new battlefront opening up in the war on free speech and free thought. The Richard Stengel of the Council on Foreign Relations has been increasingly vocal about the importance of journalists and think tanks to act as 'primary provocateurs' and 'propagandists' who 'have to' manipulate the American population and shape the public's perception of world events," he explained.

Among the radicals is Biden, whose administration "is pursuing a policy that would make it unlawful to use data and datasets that reflect accurate information yet lead to 'discriminatory outcomes' for "protected classes.'

"In other words, if the data is perceived to be 'racist,' it must be expunged," he said.

And Biden's DHS "has been exposed for paying tens of millions of dollars to third-party 'anti-terrorism' programs that have not so coincidentally equated Christians, Republicans, and philosophical conservatives to Germany's Nazi Party."

"It is clear that not only has the war on free speech come to America, but also that it is clobbering Americans in a relentless campaign of 'shock and awe.'"

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