Alarm bells over report Joe Biden wants to massively raise taxes

 March 7, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Democrats never have hidden the fact that they want to take more money from taxpayers to use for their agendas – in one recent case a "fetish" operation in Philadelphia.

And when new taxes are suggested on "the rich," it still is cause for alarm because that definition of "rich" seems to be in flux.

So reports on what Biden is demanding in his State of the Union address, being delivered later Thursday, were expressing concern.

The Daily Mail said Biden was planning a minimum corporate tax rate of 21%, up from 15%, and a 25% rate for billionaires.

The report characterized Biden's agenda as "a raid" on the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

"He wants to raise the minimum corporate tax for big companies worth over $1 billion to 21 percent, up from the 15 percent he imposed earlier in his presidency. Biden will also call for a 25 percent tax for individuals with a wealth of over $100 million," the report said.

This after Biden pushed through Congress spending trillions of dollars on his agenda, from fighting global warming to promoting abortion and transgenderism.

The report said Biden's insistence that taxpayers give the government more is expected to be a "core part" of his re-election campaign.

The report said Biden also wants to crack down on "private jets."

Fox reported Charles Payne, an analyst, described Biden's plans as "social justice," and reports noted that the issue of taxes is huge in this election, as Democrats likely would not, if in power, renew President Donald Trump's tax breaks that are scheduled to expire in coming months.

Without the GOP in leadership to renew those, "individuals will see higher federal income tax brackets, a larger standard deduction, a smaller child tax credit and more," CNBC reported.

A report at Real Clear Politics noted that voters continue to favor Republican leadership on the question of the nation's economy, which has seen 18% inflation since Biden took office and has left consumers struggling to pay their bills.

They also trust Trump just as much as Democrats to protect Social Security.

One negative for Biden, according to the New Republic, is that he's credited with making the IRS "great again."

That's because of his massive budget boost to the agency in one of his government spending programs.

Another problem for Biden is that his promises about not raising taxes one penny on families with a certain income or less have not always proven accurate.

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