Alan Dershowitz: ‘There is no realistic possibility the president will be indicted’

Democrats seeking to indict President Trump over perceived crimes will have little to no chance of succeeding in such a venture, says legal expert Alan Dershowitz, who represented Trump during the impeachment hearings.

“There is no realistic possibility the president will be indicted,” Dershowitz said during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Saturday Report.”

The president has spent the last four years spinning the left into a rage, and a failure to bring criminal charges against him post-presidency may be the final blow to his foes.

Trump opponents have not been shy about their desires to see Trump thrown in jail for various perceived crimes after his term ends on January 20th.

But Dershowitz thinks they are bound to be disappointed. “I don’t think they will find anything to indict him for,” he said. “I certainly hope he doesn’t get indicted. That’s what banana republics do. They indict their presidents after the presidents lose an election. So let the president go on, let him finish his term.”

Once Trump’s term ends, he will be open to federal prosecution should his opponents find anything to bring against him, which is unlikely.

Weissman wants Trump prosecuted

One such opponent is Andrew Weissmann, a former prosecutor who worked under special counsel Robert Mueller on the probe into the 2016 election and allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, who is calling for an investigation into President Trump.

President Trump recently pardoned Roger Stone and former campaign aide Paul Manafort, who he said were treated unfairly by federal prosecutors. As Weissmann sees it, however, those pardons were “essentially the president carrying out the final act of an obstruction of justice.”

Democrats tried to impeach President Trump even though they had zero evidence of any wrongdoing. It should surprise no one that they will go after him again once he leaves office.

Trump Derangement Syndrome lives on

With Trump’s ascendency to the presidency, the left lost it. That mania eventually was recognized as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Many thought that with Trump losing the election, leftists would stop caring about him, and things would go back to normal. That was clearly naive, and the drama may well continue even with Democrat Joe Biden set to be sworn in on January 20th.

Future Republican presidential candidates can expect the same treatment from the left if they dare to stand up and fight back. If left can’t get at Trump, they will seek their revenge through different avenues.

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