Alabama Supreme Court protects historic monuments with bombshell ruling

The Alabama Supreme Court issued conservatives a victory on Wednesday.

The state’s highest court ruled to uphold a state law protecting historic monuments, including those commemorating Confederate soldiers, The Hill reported.

A monumental battle

It all started in 2017 when the city of Birmingham decided to cover up a statue honoring Confederate soldiers with plywood panels.

According to the state of Alabama, this move violated the 2017 Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, which “prohibits relocating, removing, altering or renaming public buildings, streets, and memorials that have been standing for more than 40 years,” according to ABC News.

“The legislation doesn’t specifically mention Confederate monuments,” according to ABC, “but it was enacted as some Southern states and cities began removing monuments and emblems of the Confederacy.”

In an ensuing lawsuit, the city of Birmingham successfully argued that the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act violated the First Amendment, according to The Hill. But the state’s Supreme Court just overturned that ruling.

The high court also “ordered the judge to fine the city $25,000,” according to The Hill.

The right move

This ruling marks a huge victory for conservatives who want to protect this nation’s history. But not everyone is on board.

According to The Hill, a Birmingham spokesman said the city is “strongly disappointed” by the state Supreme Court’s decision.

“This ruling appears to be less about the rule of law and more about politics,” the spokesman lamented.

But as upset as the local liberal politicians must be, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall argued that the high court came to the “correct conclusion.”

“The Supreme Court’s ruling is a victory for the Alabama law which seeks to protect historical monuments,” Marshall said, according to The Hill. “The City of Birmingham acted unlawfully when it erected barriers to obstruct the view of the 114-year-old Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Linn Park.”

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