Alabama Republican lawmaker arrested for bribery

More government corruption has been exposed.

On Monday, Alabama State Representative Jack Williams was arrested along with two other men for their parts in a political corruption scheme.

Healthcare Fraud

Rep. Williams was trying to push through legislation to benefit a healthcare company.

In addition to Williams, former GOP Chairman Marty Connors and healthcare professional Ford Gilbert were arrested.

Gilbert is the CEO of Trina Healthcare.

The Scam

Gilbert wanted to get a piece of the pie for diabetes treatments.

Currently, patients can only go to the hospital for treatment.

He devised a plan that would push legislation through to enable private clinics to also offer the treatments.

According to a local news report, Hammon was paid a bribe to get on board with the legislation.

Connors was then brought in as a lobbyist to court other lawmakers to support the legislation as well.

More Corruption

This was not Hammon’s first run in with the law, either

Hammon had already been convicted of mail fraud.

In that case, he was using campaign funds to pay off personal expenses.

While Hammon is already serving time, Williams and Connors have been released on bail.

Their arraignment hearing has been scheduled for next week.

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Be they conservatives or liberals, We the People want this corruption ended.

Send them all to jail and let’s get people in office that will respect both the people they represent and the office they are holding.

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