Alabama man dies after being bitten by snake

It was just supposed to be another day and a fun walk with the family dog for Alabama man Oliver Baker.

However, the day took a tragic turn when a copperhead snake struck Baker, causing him to collapse, and eventually led to his death.

Walking the Dog

Baker is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His story is a very familiar one in the south. Baker was a family man that was well liked and respected in the local community.

He never had a bad word to say about anyone and was always willing to help a stranger in need. His senseless death is hard to grasp by family and friends.

Late last week, he had taken the family dog for a walk. He returned from the walk to tell his family he got bit by a snake.

In most cases, copperhead bites are extremely painful, but not life-threatening. That was obviously not the case here.

Within minutes of being bitten, Baker fell unconscious and was rushed to a local hospital. On Monday, three days after the bite, he was pronounced dead.

Allergic Reaction

As it turns out, Baker ended up having an allergic reaction to the venom, which is why his case escalated so quickly.

Family members stated the allergy caused him to go into anaphylactic shock, followed by cardiac arrest.

His brother, Reb Baker, stated, “It was a whole chain of events. His organs just couldn’t recover.”

It is never a good time to lose a loved one, but when it happens over a holiday weekend when everyone is celebrating and enjoying each other’s company, it is particularly painful.

Rest in peace, Mr. Baker, and we send our condolences to your family and friends.

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