Al Sharpton called out by Rep. Matt Gaetz for past racist comments

Political activist Al Sharpton has made a career of calling out others for their perceived infractions, but now in the internet age, his own indiscretions are coming back to bite him.

Sharpton’s past has exposed him for what he is: a race-baiting charlatan. Sharpton’s position as a social justice advocate stands completely at odds with his own racism — a fact that was pointed out by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in a House Judiciary Committee hearing. 

Hearing Heats Up

Al Sharpton, who is also a host at MSNBC, testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee as a witness on policing practices in the U.S.

Things went badly for Sharpton when it came time for Republican Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to ask questions.

Gaetz had a copy of former Congressman Joe Scarborough’s House Concurrent Resolution 270 “Condemning the racist and anti-Semitic views of the Reverend Al Sharpton.” Scarborough is now one of Sharpton’s fellow hosts at MSNBC.

Scarborough’s resolution was presented back in 2000 and contained a detailed record of anti-Semitic statements that Sharpton had made. Sharpton had referred to Jews as “bloodsucking [J]ews” and “Jew bastards.”

Sharpton obviously denied he had ever said such things, but his actions were documented. The resolution didn’t stop at Sharpton’s racist and anti-semitic language. It also described his role in the Tawana Brawley rape hoax in the late 1980s and the Crown Heights race riot.

Watch the full exchange below:

Zero Credibility

Al Sharpton being called as an “expert” witness on policing in the U.S. is a mockery. Sharpton is responsible for whipping up racial tensions over the Brawley rape hoax among numerous other events.

Sharpton hurled accusations of racism while defending a girl who had lied about being gang-raped by white males with racist intent.

He is more interested in his agenda than the truth. If Sharpton was truly interested in justice, he should have done his part to verify the truth of the Brawley accusations before ever going public with his incendiary words.

However, he didn’t, and that is because he is in the business of profiting from the racial tensions in America. Good on Gaetz for calling Sharpton out and exposing him for what he is.

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