Rapper ‘Akon’ is considering a 2020 presidential run

There is a new candidate on the horizon for the Democrat ticket.

Rapper and business entrepreneur Akon says he is seriously considering running for president in 2020.


If you did a double take when you heard that name, you are not alone.

Perhaps mentioning a few of his “songs” would help you…

Does “Smack That” ring a bell for you?

If not that, then how about “Locked Up”?

To his credit, Akon is attempting to transform his image these days.

He has actually created his own cryptocurrency.

Akon is also in the process of starting a “Crypto City.”

The project is planned to be built in Senegal and Akon says they expect to have it completely built within 10 years.

His goal is to make Senegal on par with Dubai as a tourist destination.

Running for President

Like many liberals, Akon is not happy with President Trump and how he is running the country.

He has in essence called Obama the great uniter and Trump the great divider.

Not really sure what country he was living in over the last 10 years, but much of the divide in this country started under the Obama administration.

The presidential hopeful says under Trump, people of color in this country have lost their empowerment and can no longer feel safe.

Mind you, the President just had a group of several dozen black schoolchildren to the White House as a reward for their academic excellence and told them they are an important part of the future of the country.

That didn’t make headlines, though. Instead, the media decided to focus on a presidential tweet about the mid-term elections.

Akon also seems to have overlooked the fact minority unemployment numbers are at an all-time low.

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Whether he runs or not, Akon clearly has a head start on political rhetoric and twisting the facts to suit a liberal narrative.

Welcome to the race Akon… we can’t wait to see you go head to head with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, and Joe Biden.

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