Airstrikes by Afghan coalition forces leave nine Taliban militants dead

Now that coalition forces have the Taliban on the run, they are not letting up.

Two airstrikes were recently carried out by Afghan and coalition forces that left at least nine Taliban militants dead.

Deadly Strikes

The Afghan 203rd Thunder Corps were responsible for carrying out the attacks.

One airstrike took place in Alokhel area of the Deh Yak district. Reports have stated there were at least four militants killed there.

The second airstrike took place in the Jelam area of the Qarabagh district. In that attack, at least five militants were reported dead.

Both of these districts are located in the Ghazni province, one of the more volatile parts of Afghanistan where the Taliban still have a noticeable presence.

Continuing the Fight

Now that President Donald Trump has started to pull our troops out of the Middle East, it is good to see local forces continuing the fight.

If ISIS is ever to be fully defeated, it will take a joint effort of local forces to continue to punish the terrorists every time they poke their head up out of the sand.

But even though we are withdrawing troops, the U.S. is still committed to helping these countries free themselves from the grip of these terrorists.

In fact, over the last two years, President Trump has increased the amount of airstrikes conducted.

Just two weeks ago, President Trump held up a map of areas once dominated by ISIS and promised that the last of their strongholds would be gone by that night.

And Trump was true to his word — reports came in the next day regarding a massive attack against the final stronghold in Syria that finally freed the people in this area from the extremists who have controlled their lives for far too long.

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