U.S. airstrike takes out 17 terrorists

Ever since peace talks with the Taliban were called off, Trump ordered the U.S. military to ramp up the efforts against terrorism.

On Thursday, that continued, with an airstrike taking out 17 ISIS fighters in Libya.

Uptick in Attacks

Before last week, the United States had not conducted airstrikes in Libya for almost a year. The last attack was conducted on November 29, 2018.

Obviously, that situation changed a little more than a week ago. In a little over a week, the United States has conducted three major airstrikes in Libya.

This attack, according to U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), occurred just outside of Murzuq, which is located in southwest Libya. AFRICOM stated 17 ISIS fighters were taken out and no civilians were injured.

Protecting Civilians

These airstrikes have been conducted to protect Libya from once again becoming a stronghold for ISIS. When the civil war in this country first started about five years ago, ISIS used that as a way to create a stronghold.

ISIS has been pushed out for the most part and forced to take up residence in the desert, but it has been making a recent push to get back within the city.

The U.S. has been adamant it will not permit that to happen both to protect the people of Libya, as well as the world, from this terror threat.

Big Mistake

One of the original stipulations with the Taliban during the peace talks was that its ties with ISIS were cut.

As we now know, that never happened, as a recent airstrike conducted by the United States took out both Taliban and ISIS fighters.

The biggest mistake the Taliban made was in attacking U.S. soldiers just prior to coming to Camp David to finalize an agreement with Trump. Instead of gaining leverage, all they did was put an even bigger target on their heads.

These airstrikes are not going to stop anytime soon, either, as the United States and this administration is now committed to obliterating both the Taliban and ISIS.

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