U.S. airstrike takes out terrorist group

The United States may have just thwarted the next 9/11 attack.

According to reports, a recent U.S. airstrike in Syria wiped out a terrorist training facility that was planning to carry out an attack against American citizens.

Eight Terrorists Killed

Intelligence reports stated there was a training facility in operation in northern Syria. That facility, according to those reports, had members of Horas al-Did training there. This group has already been tied to Al Qaeda.

Fox News reported the airstrike had been carried out on Sunday.

The report stated, “A U.S. military airstrike Sunday struck an Al Qaeda leadership and training facility in northern Syria where militants were ‘plotting external attacks’ against American citizens.”

“The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition-linked war monitor, said Monday the strike killed eight members of the Al Qaeda-linked Horas al-Din.”

Using the Southern Border

This airstrike comes on the heels of a disturbing report received directly from a captured terrorist.

This individual told U.S. officials that terrorist groups were planning to exploit the situation at the southern border to infiltrate our country and carry out devastating attacks.

The increased risk for terrorist activity is just one of the many reasons President Trump has been working so hard to secure our borders.

The sad fact, though, is if Trump loses this next election, every bit of what he has done or will do during his remaining days will be undone by Democrats.

Cory Booker even introduced a plan on Tuesday that would eliminate holding facilities altogether. Can you imagine encouraging illegals to freely enter this country without any sort of infrastructure to process them?

Terrorist groups are most likely foaming at the mouth hoping a Democrat wins because they will finally get the free access to this country they have always desired.

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