US airstrike kills eight al-Shabab militants in Somalia

President Donald Trump just sent eight jihadists in Somalia to their grave.

The U.S military killed the militants from the al-Shabab terrorist group with an airstrike on Friday.

It’s the latest U.S. strike in an aggressive drone bombing campaign against the al-Qaida cell.

U.S. takes out eight Somalian terrorists

U.S. Africa Command said that no civilians were harmed in the airstrike in the south of the country.

The militants were near Kobon, which is near the port city of Kismayo. The military said that the group uses Kobon as a base for attacks on Somalian military.

President Donald Trump has led an aggressive bombing campaign against al-Shabab since 2017. The United States has hit al-Shabab with more than a dozen strikes this year alone, killing more than 100 militants. Last year, the U.S. took out 323 members of the group in nearly 50 strikes.

The U.S. bombing campaign is being conducted jointly with military operations by Somalian and African Union forces to take out the terror group. U.S. Africa Command killed 52 militants in an airstrike last month.

General: Strikes not enough

The head of U.S. Africa Command said last week that airstrikes alone won’t take out the terror group and that the African military needs to step up and do more to flush out the terrorists.

“At the end of the day, these strikes are not going to defeat al-Shabab,” Gen. Thomas Waldhauser told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Waldhauser said that the airstrikes should help African governments reclaim control of territory and start bearing a greater burden of the fight.

African military pushed al-Shabab out of Somalia in 2011, but the group still operates in rural areas in the central and southern regions of the country, from which it launches attacks on civilians and ambushes military convoys.

The group claimed responsibility for a car bombing in Mogadishu this month that killed 11, as well as a terror attack on a hotel in Kenya last month.

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