Air Force Two being upgraded for more ‘presidential’ look and feel

Vice President Pence is about to get some new digs for his air travel.

Air Force Two, the plane the Vice President, Secretary of State, and sometimes even the President occasionally travels on, is about to get a $16 million upgrade.


The current fleet of planes used by the Trump administration are about 20 years old.

While there has been obvious maintenance and some small upgrades, the fleet is aged by modern-day standards.

That being the case, the President wants to upgrade Air Force Two to look more like the plane he travels on, Air Force One.

For $16 million, the plane is expected to get new furnishing, interior upgrades, and a fresh paint job.

New Digs for the President

While Air Force Two is getting an upgrade, future presidents will be traveling around on brand new Boeing 747-8’s.

Last year, Trump announced he was ordering two planes from Boeing at a cost of $3.9 billion.

The President cites outdated equipment as well as wanting an aircraft that could travel further then the current fleet.

The new airplanes will be able to travel some 8,000 nautical miles on full tanks.

Trump also wants a different paint scheme for the new fleet, having requested a red, white, and blue fleet that is more representative of our flag.

Modern Transportation

Post-Trump, presidents will have far more modernized transportation than any previous administration.

In addition to the new planes mentioned above, there is a new “Beast.”

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The new limo fleet was ordered during the Obama administration, but Trump will be the first to travel in it.

The Secret Service received the new limo back in April but has to put their final touches on it as well as testing it in dozens of scenarios before the President can travel in it.

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