Air Force Refueling At Trump Resort Was Ordered Under Obama

Liberals were FURIOUS after they found out that planes of the United States Air Force landed to refuel at one of Donald Turmp’s golf resorts in Scotland. They tried to paint it as an “abuse of power” that they claimed Trump somehow orchestrated the landing himself.

But low and behold, the decision to refuel airplanes in Scotland actually had nothing to do with Donald Trump. Instead, it seems that the orders were signed under former president Barack Obama’s administration.

Politico began investigating the occurrence themselves, and according to Fox News, they found that “Air Force crews stayed at Trump’s Scottish resort up to 40 times since 2015.” And not only that, but that “the contract with the Prestwick Airport was in fact signed during the Obama administration.”

An official with the Air Force even confirmed that stays at resorts owned by Trump wouldn’t be that unusual:

“We reviewed the vast majority of the 659 overnight stays of Air Force crews in the vicinity at Glasgow Prestwick Airport between 2015 and 2019. Approximately six percent of those crews stayed at the Trump Turnberry. As a practice, we generally send aircrews to the closest, most suitable accommodations within the government hotel rate. The review also indicated that about 75 percent of the crews stayed in the immediate vicinity of the airfield and 18 percent stayed in Glasgow.”

Of course, President Trump has strongly denied having anything to do with the Air Force pilots’ decision to stay at his resort.

Trump even wrote on Twitter:

“I know nothing about an Air Force plane landing at an airport (which I do not own and have nothing to do with) near Turnberry Resort (which I do own) in Scotland, and filling up with fuel, with the crew staying overnight at Turnberry (they have good taste!). NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.”

However, Democrats are still trying to accuse President Trump of wrongdoing. Liberal members in Congress have openly admitted that they are going to target Trump’s administration for allowing the use of his properties to be used by government officials.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., even wrote a letter to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and Secret Service Director James Murray looking for information regarding Trump’s “apparent promotion and solicitation of foreign and U.S. government business at Trump Organization owned or affiliated properties.”

Obviously, Democrat leaders have no real interest in learning the truth regarding the situation. Just like with the Stormy Daniels incident, they are going to try to humiliate Trump as much as possible by investigating him thoroughly even though nobody actually thinks there was any wrongdoing.

But this time it’s not going to work. Nobody actually believes Trump was behind this. If Democrats do investigate him, it’s only going to backfire.

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