Air Force analyst exposes military's 'equity' agenda, officials quickly deny it

 May 23, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A stunning U.S. military exercise in forcing the "diversity, equity, and inclusion" leftism on America has been revealed by a member of the Air Force, Jake Reyna, an operations research analyst for the military branch's office of diversity and inclusion.

Reyna was interviewed by undercover reporters for James O'Keefe's O'Keefe Media Group, which said, "Reyna confirms DEI training is mandatory for airmen and if an airman does not participate in DEI training, he 'wouldn’t be qualified for promotions or he’d get reprimanded and…he’d get written up' before eventually being dishonorably discharged, which includes being stripped of all benefits."

The Air Force, in an official statement, quickly denied Reyna's charges, alleging that he was not speaking "on behalf of the department of the Air Force."

OMG reported Reyna explained how the branch is working around opposition to DEI ideology.

"We contacted everybody who had a title like that and got them to sneakily change their title so it doesn't sound as diversity-oriented even though it is," he said.

Pointing to Republican opposition to the ideologies included in the racist and sexist agenda, he said, "We just weaseled around it. There's 'nothing they would be able to do."

And he said the activists are moving from the DEI offices into others in the military.

Asked if he had seen data showing DEI operatives or troops perform better than others, he said no.

Editor's note: Be advised of offensive language in the video:

Reyna also said white men "probably" make the military weaker, as they are "definitely stupid."

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