Senior WH communications aide Meghan Hays, also known as the WH Easter Bunny, set to leave Biden team

During the White House Easter celebration in April, a staffer dressed as the Easter Bunny briefly became the center of attention when they were caught on camera interrupting President Joe Biden while speaking to reporters to instead redirect him elsewhere at the South Lawn event.

Now it has been announced that the staffer who wore that costume, a senior communications aide named Meghan Hays, will soon be leaving her position in the Biden White House, Breitbart reported.

Hays is the latest of around a half dozen or more top White House staffers to head for the exits in search of better jobs elsewhere in the administration or the private sector.

Long-serving staffer set to depart

CNN reported Thursday that Hays, the White House director of message planning, would be departing from that role later this month, though it is unclear at this point where she may be headed next.

Hays is one of very few of President Biden’s aides who have been by his side since 2012 during his tenure as vice president. She also served on Biden’s 2020 campaign and his transition team before joining the White House in her current position.

“Very few people have had as deep an impact on every facet of President Biden’s communications as Meghan has,” White House communications director Kate Bedingfield told CNN. “She’s a problem solver and the person you want fighting alongside you when the going gets tough. We will miss her tremendously.”

Similar praise came from Biden’s senior advisor Anita Dunn, who said of Hays, “We have all turned to Meghan to steady the ship and handle interviews, town halls, trips, and everything else to enable the President to share his vision and message with the American people.”

“Meghan’s tenacity and fortitude helped us build a better campaign, transition, and White House communications operation and we will all miss her,” Dunn added.

Easter Bunny is bouncing out

CNN noted that Hays played a big role in “crafting media strategy” for the president, coordinating his public appearances, and managing his interactions with the press, which was evident during the White House Easter celebration event on the South Lawn in April.

The New York Post reported at that time that Hays, dressed as the Easter Bunny, interrupted President Biden and prevented him from answering a reporter’s question about the disastrous situation in Afghanistan when he had strayed too close to the area where the press corps was corralled, and instead directed his attention back to the children participating in Easter egg rolling competitions.

Video of that moment had gone viral on social media in part because it was humorous but also because it was further evidence of the tight control the White House staff has imposed over Biden’s rather limited engagement with the media.

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