Secret Service agents refuse to leave Barbara Bush’s coffin, insist on protecting her until burial

Barbara Bush had a way of evoking extreme loyalty from everyone she met, and that fact was made even more apparent in her passing.

The Secret Service agents that had protected Mrs. Bush for decades refused to leave the former First Lady’s side until the moment her casket entered the ground at her burial site.

Loyal Until the End

Secret Service agents and their protectees naturally form a bond over time.

After all, they are the people that are with these individuals during every waking hour and stand guard over them while they sleep.

In Barbara Bush’s case, the Secret Service agents protecting her have been by her side for almost three decades.

Mrs. Bush, being who she was, did not treat these men and women like employees, but rather as part of her own family.

For that reason, these agents refused to leave her side even in death.

Right up until the very last moment, Secret Service agents were beside her coffin protecting her during her final moments.

One agent assigned to Mrs. Bush, Thom Bolsch, stated, “She went out of her way to make us feel like part of the Bush family. It was just a wonderful relationship we had.”

Just Who She Was

The kind words these agents had to say about Barbara Bush just signified who she was as a person.

Even her code name, Tranquility, embodied the spirit of Mrs. Bush.

Politics can be an ugly business at times, with insults and innuendos being thrown around, and the press as well as liberals threw more than their fair share at the former First Lady.

Her mane of white hair was often the butt of jokes but rather than let it bother her, Mrs. Bush embraced the image.

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The stunt backfired on liberals, as Mrs. Bush became widely known as a trusted grandmother figure to the entire nation.

You will be missed Mrs. Bush… rest in peace.

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