Agency lets workers individualize email signature lines, then bans Christian symbol

June 10, 2023
World Net Daily

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A state agency has been caught instituting a program to let workers individualize their email signature lines, then banning a Christian symbol in a move to censor any mention of that faith.

The American Center for Law and Justice said it already has "fired back" at the Nevada Vocational Rehabilitation Center.

The legal team explained that's where "our client and her co-workers sought to exercise their individual voices in their email signature lines."

"Amidst a chorus of pronouns and symbols that celebrated diversity, she chose to display a humble Christian fish symbol – a testament to her unwavering faith," the legal team said.

That's when the trouble started.

"Our client was singled out and summoned to remove the symbol from her signature line. It was deemed 'offensive' by an unnamed government official who held the power to silence her voice," the ACLJ reported.

When the client requested a "uniform signature line policy to ensure fairness," she was refused.

So the organization sent a demand letter, "arguing that their actions of selectively targeting our client’s religious expression violate her First Amendment freedoms of speech and religious exercise," it said.

It said:

Under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, the government must not burden sincere religious speech or practice unless there is a compelling state interest that is narrowly tailored. Furthermore, the Free Speech Clause protects government employees' rights to express themselves, even within the context of their employment. When restricting speech or religious exercise, the government bears the burden of justifying its actions.

In this case, the government actions appear "neither neutral nor generally applicable. In fact, they are arbitrary and discriminatory," it said.

The serious constitutional issues include that the Establishment Clause does not restrict individuals from expressing their beliefs, nor does it allow the government to suppress that speech.

The law organization said it was awaiting NVR's response.

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