AG Garland refuses to answer if DOJ interfered with Hunter Biden investigation

September 21, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

As the Republican-led investigation into Hunter Biden deepens, new questions have been raised as to whether the Department of Justice played favorites. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Attorney General Merrick Garland was in the hot seat this week, grilled by House Republicans on whether or not the DOJ interfered in any way with the Hunter Biden investigation.

For the most part, Garland refused to answer the questions and often deferred the questions to now-Special Counsel David Weiss, who is currently in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation.

The questions regarding possible DOJ interference came as a result of previous bombshell testimony from two IRS whistleblowers who claim the government slow-walked the investigation, and allowed the statute of limitations to expire, thus protecting Hunter Biden from certain charges.

What's going on?

"I don't know the answer to those questions," Garland replied, when asked about the potential slow-walking of the investigation.

The Examiner noted:

Whistleblowers and another FBI witness say Weiss was blocked from bringing charges against Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C., and California, where the alleged tax crimes, as well as possible Foreign Agents Registration Act violations, may have occurred.

While Republican-led committees have worked overtime to get to the bottom of exactly what has taken place, and have made multiple attempts to bring Weiss in for questioning, the DOJ has been protected from doing so given that the investigation is ongoing, not to mention Weiss' special counsel designation.

The DOJ had originally promised that Weiss would be available for testimony and, so far, have not rescinded that promise.

However, the Examiner noted that it said it would prefer that Republicans wait until Weiss finishes his investigation into the president's son.

Biden's impeachment

Meanwhile, House Republicans are gearing up for an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and his alleged involvement in his son's business dealings -- which he's denied having knowledge of several times.

It will take 218 House members to support moving an impeachment inquiry to the Senate for an impeachment trial.

Only time will tell how that pans out, but Weiss's upcoming testimony could certainly have massive implications.

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