After killing Trump’s plan, Dems to spend 5 times as much restocking oil reserve

America’s petroleum policy under Joe Biden has been one of simple chaos.

While under President Donald Trump, the nation had become energy self-sufficient and actually was exporting, when Biden moved into the White House he immediately canceled pipeline projects, drilling projects, oil lease sales and more.

Predictably, gasoline prices surged to well above $5 a gallon and although they’ve receded from that stratospheric level some, American consumers still are paying thousands of dollars more for fuel annually than they did before Biden took office.

Biden, meanwhile, has begged overseas dictators to ramp up their oil production so that America could buy its energy supplies from often unfriendly dictators.

Now, a report confirms that Biden is planning to spend $90 a barrel on oil to replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve even though Democrats in Congress halted President Trump’s plan to do that when the price was less than $19 a barrel.

The SPR is being depleted because Biden has been releasing millions of barrels, for his stated plan to help with American gasoline prices.

However, millions of barrels released by Biden already have been sold to China – and other nations around the world, further delaying help that the American consumers need.

The Liberty Daily bluntly reported it is “Benedict Biden” who is working to replace oil he took from the SPR – at prices of over $90 a barrel.

Fox writer David Asman reported, “Biden admin today making repurchase deals for our depleted oil reserves at mid-$90 a barrel. Phil Flynn reminds us that 2 years ago Dems refused to let Trump restock SPR reserves at $18.84 a barrel; they said it would be bailing out big oil … at $18.84!!”

Charged Liberty Daily, “What we are witnessing is the INTENTIONAL systematic implosion of our economy and our national sovereignty. Democrats truly do want to end us and bring for The Great Reset in their globalist Neo-Marxist utopia.”

According to a Reuters report, Biden announced just days ago he would be selling another 20 million barrels from the SPR.

He had announced in March plans to sell a million barrels of day for six months. Already sold have been about 125 million barrels.

The report explained, too, that the U.S. “will take bids in autumn to begin the process of buying back 60 million barrels of crude for reserve, a first step in replenishing the stockpile after the 180 million barrel release.

The levels in the reserve have reached about 475 million barrels, the lowest since 1985.