Afghani wedding targeted by ISIS suicide bomber

The cowardly terrorists of ISIS have struck again this weekend.

An Afghani wedding was the target this time, with a suicide bomber setting off an explosion inside while parked cars loaded with explosives were detonated outside as emergency responders arrived.

Taliban Condemns the Attack

Exactly how many people were inside the wedding hall when it was attacked is unknown. However, traditionally, these weddings are very large, oftentimes with more than 500 people attending.

The attacker reportedly set off his explosive in the middle of the gathering, killing more than five dozen people and injuring close to 200.

Even more despicable is the fact the attackers had several vehicles parked outside. These vehicles were reportedly set off just as first responders were arriving at the scene.

ISIS immediately took credit for the attack, while the Taliban, currently in the midst of peace talks with the United States, condemned it.

Horrific Scene

Pictures of the attack’s aftermath flooded social media. There were literally pools of blood throughout the catering hall, with debris scattered everywhere.

Most of the windows of the catering hall had been blown out as well as many of the ceiling tiles. The families holding the celebration were obviously devastated.

The groom stated he would never be able to have joy in his life again. Both the bride and groom lost several family members and friends in the explosion.

While the Taliban condemned this attack, it carried out a similar attack against a police station only last week, killing more than a dozen people and injuring about 150 more.

Ironically, on Friday, President Donald Trump himself sent out an encouraging tweet, suggesting peace in the area would come soon. As part of that agreement, Afghanistan will not allow extremist groups who want to attack the United States in the country and the U.S. will withdraw its military personnel.

There is also reportedly the potential for a peace treaty between the Afghan government and the Taliban, but the Taliban will not negotiate with Afghanistan until U.S. troops have been definitively scheduled for withdrawal.

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