Former Advisor to Democrats Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown Has Died

Another Clinton ally has fallen.

Longtime Clinton advisor, Nancy McFadden, passed away on Thursday, March 21, in her home at the age of 59.

Her Career

Ms. McFadden, a lawyer by trade, spent years working in the Clinton Administration.

After Bill left the White House, Ms. McFadden continued her work in politics, most recently working as the primary aide to California Governor Jerry Brown.

The Brown Years

While her official title while working for Governor Brown was “Executive Secretary,” the typical job description of a secretary did not even begin to touch upon how important she was to his administration.

Governor Brown said she was “the best chief of staff a governor could ever ask for.”

“She understood government politics, she could manage, she was a diplomat, and she was fearless,” he further stated.

Wherever Brown went, you could rest assured Ms. McFadden would be at his side.

One of her most notable accomplishments during her tenure with Brown was extending California’s cap-and-trade program to set a statewide limit on greenhouse gas emissions.

McFadden herself considered this to be her legacy program.

While we don’t agree with her on much of anything, it’s sad that she has died and her family is now left to pick of the pieces.

The Clinton Years

While most will remember her for her stints with Governor Brown, she gained her political savvy while working in the Clinton administration.

She first started working for Bill Clinton during his 1992 campaign.

McFadden was brought onboard when a partner at her law firm, Warren M. Christopher, was added to the Clinton administration as his Secretary of State.

In fact, it was at Christopher’s suggestion McFadden left the legal world and jumped into politics with both feet.

After Clinton won the election, she stayed on his staff as the Deputy Associate Attorney General.

Fighting Cancer

McFadden was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2002.

At the time, she was working for Governor Gray Davis in California.

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The cancer began to overwhelm her in recent months, and she stepped aside in January of this year to devote 100 percent of her time to fighting this horrific disease.

As happens with most people that have cancer, the disease spread and McFadden finally succumbed to the cancer last Thursday night.

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