Trump national security adviser hints at future peace deals involving Israel: ‘There are more coming’

President Donald Trump is just getting started when it comes to securing major peace deals in the Middle East, according to his national security adviser.

Breitbart reported Thursday that National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien suggested the so-called “Abraham Accords” — a series of deals brokered by President Trump that normalized relations between Israel and nations including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sudan, and Bahrain — were just the beginning.

The revelation came Wednesday during an appearance by O’Brien with conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“There are more coming”

According to Breitbart, Hewitt had asked O’Brien to comment on whether the Joe Biden, proclaimed by the media to be president-elect, would resurrect the failed Obama-era Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which President Trump withdrew the U.S. from in 2018.

Pressed on how he would advise prospective replacements on how to balance restoring the JCPOA with the Abraham Accords, O’Brien argued that the peace deals brokered by Trump were a “stroke of strategic genius” that brought about a “sea change” in the broader Middle East.

“We have three peace deals with the Israelis between the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan. There are more coming,” O’Brien said, according to Breitbart.

“And one of the reasons that there’s an interest, I think, between the Arabs and the Israelis in getting together and putting aside old differences and embracing a common future — which is great for their people and great for the economies of the region — is a shared distrust and dislike of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and is racing to get a nuclear weapon,” the national security adviser added.

“It would be a shame”

According to Breitbart, O’Brien also said “it would be a shame” for Biden to wipe away all the progress that Trump has made — progress that he says has been decades in the making.

“It would be a shame to see this budding peace that we’ve wanted for 70 years, since 1948 when Israel was partitioned — or Palestine was partitioned and Israel became a state — it would be a shame to see that peace process stunted because America made a misguided attempt to appease the Iranians,” O’Brien said.

“Look, we appeased them once and it didn’t work. After the first JCPOA was signed, Iran engaged in terrorism and proxy wars throughout the region, and they did it with the funds that were made available to them through the JCPOA,” he told Hewitt. “So it would a tragic mistake to…stunt the peace process between Israelis and Arabs, but [also] to give a lifeline to a regime that sponsors terrorism.”

Take a look at O’Brien’s full interview for yourself:

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