Advertisers return to Jeanine Pirro’s show following suspension, boycott

When Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro was suspended for a few weeks in March following controversial commentary on Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, there were concerns that her popular Saturday evening program might be cancelled.

Indeed, a concerted effort was launched by Pirro’s detractors against advertisers on her show, and while that boycott effort initially achieved a modicum of success upon her return to the air, it appears the judge has weathered the storm and is no longer in danger of being cancelled by the network.

Positive trend

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran with a misleading headline about how Pirro had lost advertisers since her suspension, but that only told half the story.

Prior to her March 9 suspension, Pirro averaged about 43 advertisements on her show over a six-week period. In the six weeks following her return, she suffered a nearly 20% decline and averaged only about 34.8 ads per show.

The March 9 episode featured a total of 49 ads and Pirro’s low point in terms of advertiser volume came on April 6, when there were only 29 ads aired during her program.

However, Pirro’s most recent program on May 11 featured 43 ads, placing her almost back where she was prior to the suspension and targeted boycott campaign.

Ratings winner

Coinciding with the slow return of advertisers to her program is another bit of good news for Pirro that should put to rest the fear of imminent cancellation — she is winning the ratings battle for her Saturday night time slot.

TVNewser reported that for Saturday, May 11, Pirro beat both of her time slot competitors at CNN and MSNBC combined, both in total viewers and among the coveted demographic group comprised of viewers aged 25-54.

Pirro even beat out her fellow Fox hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld on Saturday night in terms of total viewers, proving once again that her program is a rather popular one among Fox viewers.

Minimal impact of boycotts

As for the targeted boycott campaign against advertisers on Pirro’s program and others, such as weeknight hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, THR revealed it hasn’t been nearly as successful as the Fox-hating leftists who launched it had hoped. Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch said at a recent industry conference, “The boycotts themselves are not having a financial impact of any significance.”

It was further asserted by the ad sales team leader that most of the advertisers who withdrew from those particular programs merely shifted their ads to other programs on Fox, and some quietly returned to the original spots once the controversy died down.

In other words, while Pirro may once have been in danger of potentially being canceled over a coordinated advertiser boycott aligned with a suspension, the judge has since rallied and appears to be on firm ground with the network thanks to impressive ad revenue and ratings success.

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