Advertisers flee Jeanine Pirro’s program under pressure from the left

On a recent installment of Justice with Judge Jeanine, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro used her “Opening Statement” segment to address the anti-Semitism of Democrat Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and wondered if the congresswoman’s anti-Semitic beliefs, as well as her insistence on wearing a hijab, revealed an inner allegiance to Islamic Sharia law rather than to the U.S. Constitution.

Of course, the ideological left completely missed Pirro’s point and immediately smeared her as Islamophobic and hateful toward Omar as part of a coordinated effort to target advertisers with threatened boycotts and ultimately get Pirro fired from the network.

Pirro condemned for commentary on Rep. Omar

Sadly, the effort appears to have met with at least some success, as Pirro has reportedly lost the support of no fewer than four companies that were advertising products during her show’s commercial breaks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The exodus of advertisers was arguably assisted by Fox News itself, which issued a strong condemnation of Pirro’s comments on Sunday night, though the network made no mention of any potential disciplinary actions against the host.

Nevertheless, the condemnation of Pirro by her own employer may well have opened the door for advertisers to bolt, as those companies were already facing pressure from leftist groups that have long been seeking to silence Pirro and other non-leftist voices of dissent.

Advertisers flee program

The Hollywood Reporter noted that the first advertiser to withdraw ads from Pirro’s program was personal finance company NerdWallet, who announced the decision on Monday.

Also on Monday, pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk — makers of the diabetes treatment drug Ozempic — announced that it was “pausing” the current advertising campaign on Pirro’s program while officials re-evaluated the situation.

On Tuesday, the online marketplace for used items known as Letgo called Pirro’s commentary “offensive” and revealed that it would no longer place advertisments on her show.

They were followed on Wednesday by Botox-maker Allergan, which made the same decision to pull ads from the Saturday evening program.

Coordinated, targeted effort to silence Pirro

This is rather unfortunate news for Pirro, as she has made it clear in the aftermath of the outrage over her comments that she wasn’t questioning Omar’s patriotism or Americanism, but was merely raising questions that deserved an adequate answer.

“My intention was to ask a question and start a debate, but of course because one is Muslim does not mean you don’t support the Constitution,” said Pirro, who offered an open invitation to Omar to join her on the show to discuss their differences.

There is a concerted effort on the left to silence any and all voices that stray from leftist dogma and accepted narratives, and Pirro — as well as the advertisers on her program — have now found themselves under fire by organized pressure campaigns that wish to see Pirro, and others like her, utterly destroyed and removed from the public stage.

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