Trump administration asks Congress for emergency coronavirus funding

While the buzz about the coronavirus threat has been somewhat low here in the United States, the White House is taking precautions to prevent it from becoming a bigger issue.

Monday morning, The Hill reported the White House will be submitting a request to Congress for preemptive emergency funding to help keep the coronavirus at bay. 

Finding the money

When the announcement was first made, it was unclear how much money the administration would be asking for. However, reports started to surface that it would be in the $1 billion range.

The White House, however, pushed back on this, saying it had not yet decided on how much money would be needed.

Additionally, it was reported that the White House was considering reallocating current funding so more money would not be called upon for this request.

As the circumstances have changed considerably even within the last 24 hours, that plan has changed.

Request submitted to Congress

By Monday afternoon, the plan to fight the virus became much clearer.

Around noon, CNN reported that a $1.25 billion request had been made, which was half of the $2.5 billion the administration plans on spending to help fight the coronavirus.

Democrats, of course, found a way to turn the interaction into another attack against Trump.

Several Dems took verbal jabs at Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) vowed to present a real financial plan to address the problem.

Dems will now try to use their lack of fiscal responsibility to try to prove that Trump is clueless as president.

Make no mistake about it, in several days, Dems will come up with a massive number of our tax dollars to show they care more when this president was merely trying to be fiscally responsible by using existing budget dollars rather than raiding a piggy bank that is already empty.

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