Election officials ‘find’ 83,000 additional votes in Florida’s embattled Broward County

Just how far does the election corruption go in Florida?

According to recent reports, embattled Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes originally reported that around 634,000 ballots were cast — but by Friday night, she had reported 83,000 more. And it doesn’t look like she can explain where they came from.

Did she create them?

The Problem

Strangely, these 83,000 votes were only reported after Democrats lost in several key state elections.

In fact, on Tuesday night, current Florida Gov. Rick Scott apparently had a very safe lead of some 60,000 votes against his opponent for a Senate seat against incumbent Bill Nelson.

Two days later, that lead had shrunk all the way down to 15,000 votes.

The same thing happened in the governor’s race.

What seemed to be a significant win for Republicans will now more than likely head for a recount due to the closeness of the vote after the “lost” votes were tabulated.

Shady Behavior

Snipes was supposed to have turned over the ballots for inspection by 7 p.m. local time on Friday.

That, however, did not happen.

As a matter of fact, Snipes is continuing to find votes, resulting in a lawsuit filed by Scott.

Snipes claims that not only have the votes not yet all been counted, she cannot supply the information as to where these lost votes were located.

Scott, along with many other conservatives, believes Snipes is once again up to no good in a Florida election.

She has been tied to illegal activities during elections several times already, yet somehow continues to win her own election.

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The worst of her activities happened in 2017, when she actually admitted that illegals were able to cast votes in local elections.

Hopefully, even with these shenanigans, Republicans will be able to hold the seats they apparently won on election night.

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