Additional busload of illegal migrants arrive at Naval Observatory

Democrats from all over the country were quick to virtue signal on the illegal immigration issue, claiming freely that cities like Washington D.C., New York City, and San Francisco, among others, would be known as “sanctuary cities.”

Once that claim was finally put to the test, starting just a few months ago, suddenly those so-called sanctuary cities were no longer welcoming, and have fought back tooth and nail to discourage Republican governors from sending busloads of them to their cities and towns.

According to NBC News, the nation’s capital was once again utilized as a final destination for busloads of illegal aliens, and they were dropped virtually at the doorstep of the Naval Observatory, where Vice President Kamala Harris resides.

The arrival of the bus marks the second instance that illegal migrants were brought to the home of the vice president.

Whisked away

Just like the group of lucky migrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard last month, this group that was dropped off in front of Harris’ home were swept away as fast as they arrived.

NBC reported that upon stepping off the bus, the migrants were hurried away onto other buses, to be taken by aid workers to accommodations, wherever that was. Rest assured, it was far enough away from the D.C. elitists who wouldn’t dare have South Americans running around in their yards unless they were on staff.

NBC added:

Many of the migrants — which include men, women and children — told NBC News that they came from Venezuela. They were seen carrying small white bags with their only possessions.

“Volunteers from SAMU First Response, an international humanitarian nonprofit, were on hand to assist the migrants,” the report noted.

Republican issue

With the midterms fast approaching, Republicans are expected to make quite the fuss, and justifiably so, regarding the continued southern border crisis under President Joe Biden’s watch.

Democrats, including those in the White House, have argued that it’s up to Congress to fix the issue.

No matter whose fault, Biden and Harris taking a day to visit the border and see the crisis first hand would be a meaningful start. At least pretend like they care about it, that’s all anyone’s asking at this point.


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