New York Mayor Eric Adams promises not to lock down city during omicron surge

Eric Adams (D), New York City’s new mayor, just made a promise that even has some Republicans cheering.

The Blaze reports that Adams promised during his inaugural address on Saturday not to follow the same approach to the COVID-19 pandemic as his predecessor, former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D). 

“This will be our New Year’s resolution: We will not be controlled by crises,” Adams said, after referring to the past two years under de Blasio as “continual crises.”

Promises made

New York, under Democratic leadership, has seen some of the harshest COVID-related restrictions in the country. This includes several restrictions imposed by de Blasio himself that stopped people from participating in aspects of life without proof of vaccination.

What good these restrictions did in terms of fending off the virus is debatable. It certainly didn’t stop the city from seeing some of the highest COVID-19 numbers in the country with the surge of the omicron variant.

However, the economic damage the period of restriction and lockdowns did to New York City is anything but debatable. The city is not only suffering from businesses closing down and a high unemployment rate, but it is also not seeing the incoming traffic that it relies on. New York City is economically dying.

It was against that backdrop that Adams ran his campaign, and, as part of his campaign, he promised to keep New York City’s businesses and schools open.

In his inaugural speech, he expressed his intention to follow through on that campaign promise.

In related news…

Adams’ other major problem as he enters office is the astronomical crime rate that New York City is currently experiencing. That particular crisis hits close to home for Adams as he is a former police officer.

The crime problem will likely be particularly challenging to solve as de Blasio drove a wedge between the New York City government and its revered police officers. Adams must work to restore the relationship before progress can be made in combating the city’s crime problem.

Adams set the tone on New Year’s Day by reporting a fight that he witnessed to 911 during his first commute to City Hall, Breitbart reported.

“Once a transit cop always a transit cop,” Adams said, according to Breitbart.

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