Adam Schiff flip-flops on whistleblower testimony to protect himself

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is panicking as his career and credibility teeter on the precipice. After news broke that his team coordinated with the whistleblower before the official complaint was filed, Schiff has flipped to trying to prevent the whistleblower from testifying in front of Congress, The Federalist reports.

Schiff has been pushing for testimony until now. Could this be the end for him?

Democrats’ only hope

The Democrats’ impeachment push has been faltering badly.

The inquiry is completely lacking in any substance as all testimonies have occurred behind closed doors, as the Wall Street Journal reports. The biggest factor that would give the inquiry some credibility would be testimony from the whistleblower himself.

Schiff has been repeatedly calling for testimony from the whistleblower, but Schiff has flip-flopped and is now doing everything to keep the whistleblower from going under oath in order to protect himself.

If the whistleblower under oath were to reveal what happened in between him and Schiff, it would expose Schiff and destroy all credibility the impeachment inquiry had.

It has always been in the interests of House Republicans to get public testimonies under oath; there is no lying without consequence under oath before Congress.

Nowhere to go

With the primary architect of the impeachment inquiry actively undermining it, Democrats have nowhere to go.

There is a good reason to believe the desperation from Democrats stems from the fact that none of their candidates look like shoo-ins to beat President Trump next year.

Impeachment is the only sure-fire way to get rid of Trump. If this move fails then it will give Trump a huge amount of momentum going into the new year.

Americans will be doubly skeptical of Democrats if this move is exposed for the political hitjob that Republicans allege it is.

Anyone without serious political motives just wants the drama to end and for politicians to go back to actually doing something useful for the people.

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